What tool to use for the framework for my project?

Basically the title, I’ve been writing and brainstorming this project of mine, and have a few ideas, but the advice I’ve seen on this website is to start by making a chapter and sharing that before diving into a full fledged hack. My question is, what is the main difference between something like FEbuilder and Tactile in terms of features offered? Tactile is very new I understand, and I’m not familiar with FE7x or what features of that are even F2U with a public hack anyways. On the other hand, I know FEBuilder has a lot of asms that can add different features to a hack. Any advice would be welcome, thank you!

Could you describe what ideas you have for notable mechanics? What’s the main gameplay hook supposed to be for your project?

I think that I would like some sort of skill system, I know FEBuilder has the infamous FE8 skill system which is fairly fleshed out at this point, but I beleive tactile has one in place as well. One other thing that I think would be cool to have is kind of a base system, with info conversations like fe9 and 10 to grant extra rewards and help give some lore or character development, and I’m not sure if thats something that exists yet. I know also Tactile has a bonus exp type system in place which is kind of attractive.

I know for a fact that SRPG Studio has native support for both Tellius-style Bases and Bonus EXP. A Base system is also possible in Lex Talionis, but I don’t know if BEXP is as well (it probably is). Tactile I’m less familiar with, but if it has support for BEXP, then it’s possible you can get a Base system to work in there as well.

Whatever the case, I’ve yet to see any ROMhacks implement a Base system or BEXP, so any one of the three engines I’ve mentioned above is probably the one you want to look into.

Most commonly used fangame engines today have some level of support for Skills, so I would mainly base your decision on Base/BEXP implementability if I were you.

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Thanks for the info! I think I’ll look into Lex Talionis then. I had seen a bit of it before and it piqued my interest, but I didn’t know how much it had going for it.

In that case, here’s a video from last year’s FEE3 of an interesting-looking Lex Talionis game:

Febuilder is the most common. You might also find the Getting Started pinned thread as useful. It has a brief summary of febuilder, buildfiles, srpg studio, lex talionis, and tactile. Gl.

Wow after watching this video, first of all I need to try out that project for myself, but also I think this is very much what I was looking for. The gitlab page seems very thorough too, thanks!

Snek has asm that adds base functionality, and Sacred Echoes has a bonus exp system, if I’m remembering correctly, so both of these things have been done in FEGBA.

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