What Popular / Mainstream ideas do you NOT like in your projects?

Basically stuff like Sword lord, blue haired lords. MC having a horse/armor slaying weapon, etc etc etc.

One of my main things is Reinforcements. idk why, just almost all my maps have no reinforcements and if they do. its just a simple from turn 2-5 3guys from a fort. Or several forts spawn a few enemies. But for most of the time, what you see in preparations is really it. And it gets me wondering, do I really need them?


inb4 “skill systems” as an answer


excuuuuuuuse me for not liking to have to check 3-5 different skills for every generic D:<


Passive 1-3 range archers and related nonsense.

I mean, I can understand extended range for snipers, I enjoy 3-range weapons and even 1-2 range shortbows because archers need some form of buff, but putting that in every weapon, stripping them of all their weaknesses and identity and turning them into living gods is not the answer.


It’s not an unpopular opinion if everyone agrees on that point :roll_eyes:

then why did you bring it up :U

because skill bloat is not a popular idea

maybe someone isn’t a fan of jagens for example, but many hacks have one

Idk I didn’t have a good answer

Personally I think reinforcements can improve chapters, but it depends.

Oh, I am not a big fan of completely overpowered reinforcements that put a hard time limit on your completion of the chapter. A lot of hacks have this. I think anti-turtling reinforcements should be an annoyance, not a hard limit, unless the story requires it. No, your story does not require a powerful group of enemies to chase down your party every other chapter.

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there it is

also i’m not into the idea of str/magic splits, i feel that 90% of the cast gains a stat they will never use because of the lack of versatility
mages for example don’t need strength like ever, physical units have access to usually 1 magic weapon, maybe 2, and there ends up being like 1 dedicated hybrid class


Str/Magic split gets more interesting when you try out funky items and builds, like adding a bunch of weapons that are powered by magic or spells powered by strength / units that use unorthodox stats, like a pirate with high magic.



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i agree, i just never actually see the application and as a result was never interested in trying it out myself

also coding it into tactile lol

Yeah I haven’t seen anyone try that either beyond maybe a gimmick item or unit.

One of my characters is a lance Cavalier with high magic, so she chucks around magic lances as her main weapon and it’s pretty fun.

My reinforcements dislike is more of a, I forget to add them. And then just don’t unless areas seem dead.

Another thing I dislike is what Dancer_A said about anti-turtling impossible enemies. Like turtling is a strategy, boring yes, but still the players strategy.

Finally, I like having my party members staying in the group for a reason. It’s easy to start off with them joining up cause X bandit or X knight attacked them. But 10 chapters and a dragon down the line, why are they still with you? Having them have convos mid battle as a half-support is something fun and a neat idea.

Bosses being stationary despite not being in a seize map.
It’s a common idea, but damn it’s a bad thing that will lead to player units ganging up as opposed to be creative.


People complaining about ideas when the issue is actually the implementation


Bosses on terrain in general, be it a throne, a gate, or a fort. Largely just makes taking them down slower/more RNG dependent.

Relatedly, I don’t really like seize, as times when it fits narratively tend to result in chapters that are just glorified defeat boss chapters. You can probably do some more creative stuff with it though, to make the gameplay aspect of seizing more interesting while maintaining good story integration.


excuse me while I just sit here taking notes


Mainstream idea l don’t like? Humans. Everywhere l look, I see humans. The main characters are humans, the bad guys are humans, the dragons are humans! With all these humans everywhere, my hacks are an elemental breath attack of fresh air!

Haha, just kidding. Uh… I am actually quite green when it comes to FE, as the only thing l’ve played is 7 and l currently don’t get as much time to play games as l used to. l don’t have quite a clear grasp on this topic comparatively, but based on what I’ve read here, though, I think the thing that sparks my distaste the most is a stationary boss. I know in a seize chapter they do it so the player doesn’t sneak in and cheese it, but it usually doesn’t feel right every other time. For me, it really muddles the immersion.


Enemy diversity. If all enemies are the same you don’t have to check their stats. You can just play the game and have fun.