What percentage of hacks actually get finished with FEbuilder?

we all know that hacks rarely got finished before FEbuilder because of how difficult the old programs were to use but did FEbuilder really help completion rate? Or did it bring the same completion rate on a larger scale?

  • 1-20%
  • 30-50%
  • 60-80%
  • 90-100%

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More completed hacks are being released because it is much easier to start a hack.
If more projects are made, more will be finished, but more will be canceled as well.
I believe the percentage of completed hacks to canceled or in-progress hacks is still very low.

For every complete hack, there must be at least 4 incomplete hacks. Idea guys have grandiose ideas, and there are a number of users that never get far enough to post a feu thread, letting their half a chapter hack fade into the abyss.

So under 20% for sure.

I’m not sure a percentage really matters, anyway.

Its pretty hard to know the amount of project FEB has had that never got released but I believe that I would be around 1 completed hack for every 10+ the reason for more hacks is probably because the total of hacks being made is increasing and not exactly the percentage, but thats just a theory, a hack theory.

We place too much value on “complete”.

A “complete” game that hasn’t been playtested by anyone other than the creator is likely going to be worse than something “incomplete” that has gotten feedback and iterated on it.

Builder def makes completing hacks easier, but to Vesly’s point, it’s hard to make sense of how many “finish” when there are a lot out there. There’s definitely more custom full length projects now than there were pre builder though.