What minor aspects of making your hack do you really like?

I’ve you’ve read any of my previous random questions you should know by now this is what’s going through my head and I like hearing what’s going on in others as well. Basically I want to hear lesser known things you really enjoy making. Like names, icons, palettes, and other things.

So for my contribution, I love boss and chapter naming. Bosses I always try to do something dumb or clever, like the first two bosses of every hack unreleased or not are named Forst and Sekund. (First and Second pronounced weirdly.) Sekund has a brother named Sekduos (sekund + duo cause he’s two bosses) I’ve had a Sir Chad boss, a dude named Muscles who is all HP/Str/Skl and zero in every other stat. Then there’s bosses named after their class like Isharp. (Bishop), Pelldina (paladin), Sassino (assassin) etc ec

Chapter names I feel you can do so much with a powerful / scary name. Something like “The Last Child”, or “Dragon’s Call”, “Quiet of the Desert”, “Black Dragon Prince” etc etc.


I know you already mentioned it up there but making character palettes is just really satisfying for me, there’s just something so cool and satisfying about seeing how the characters colors translate from the portrait to the animation and sometimes it can turn out alot cooler looking than I’d thought it would. Another fun thing with custom animations especially is coloring wyvern/pegasus/cavalry units mounts, it can add just a bit more individuality to them in battle, it can also be a chance to work a color you couldn’t otherwise get in there into the palette (ie. I have Knight character with reddish brown hair, so a Great Knight, she rides a reddish brown horse) it’s also weirdly satisfying to make all the palettes for a character in FE builder and then hit “Write to Rom” and watch all the generic/borked af palettes instant change into the unique ones.

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Smooth transitions between talk conversations and map cutscenes.


Spending 5 hours on FEBuilder just to change 3 stats and make a prf that doesn’t work. This was what I did yesterday.


Probably making units deploy in a cool fashion during cutscenes in a similar way to how units will deploy 4 at a time into a formation in FE4 cutscenes. Little annoying to setup, but the payoff is well worth it.

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I love making weird as hell units that are fun to use and have a weird personality

for example, in a hack that I currently only am in the beta stages of developing there’s a mage unit that’s called, let’s say Cory.

Now Cory’s introduction to the scene is strange in of itself, he pops out of an arena in an abandoned town and walks straight into your current place of shelter before moving to a space close to where your lord is supposed to be

he aaaaaalso speaks liiiiiiike this

once you have the lord talk to cory he says that he’s here to help but says he is not a mercenary

he is also a weird mage. He has a meh magic base with a pretty good growth rate
he has really high defense and res, this man can choke a point better than your myrmidon, lord, hunter, and axe cavalier if you didn’t get a few defense levels. He is also your first magic user which you essentially need to deal damage to the chapter’s boss since he has really high defense but low resistance.

So in conclusion, I like making really weird characters and units

Weird characters are suuuper fun to make lol. Having an Archer who is tankier then your knight frontlining is always a bight to behold.

Character Palettes are also one of my favorite things to finish, but not start. But getting it done is so nice.

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getting to the point in your project where you can drop promo items and work on promoted palettes.