What makes you a "modder"?

Hacker/modder whatever, I feel like they’re basically synonyms here.

But, lately i’ve been told im “not a modder” a couple times and it’s a bit confusing really. Wouldn’t someone who…mods…be…considered a modder? Is there a difference in whether or not your projects are done? do you not count until/unless you post them here?

I make my projects largely by myself and on my own time, because simply put it’s just easier that way rather than a team because I often get burnt out on modding or a certain thing for a while and have to come back to it later.

So, I’m curious, what do YOU guys think makes someone a “modder”?
Modding in general, completing projects, being on a team?

Totally irrelevant but it was just a thought

If you mod the game, you’re a modder just like if you hack the game, you’re a hacker. No idea who is telling you otherwise, but you should just ignore them. And I pray it’s not a group of people from this community acting so childishly towards you.


If you use FEBuilder to make your game, I’d call that a mod. If you’re using build files or making asm, I’d say that makes you a hacker. The main difference is whether or not you’re using something that another person has made to get into the game.

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Well, they were being childish but I don’t think they actually do any hacking or modding themselves because they actually mocked FEBuilder lol, so likely not on FEU. I wasn’t offended in the least, but I was genuinely curious what people considered a “modder”. I’d just consider myself an amateur modder personally

I’m roughly of the same mind, though even Builder would be hacking if you consider it’s changing the code, but, I would consider hackers to be the ones actually writing ASM and things yeah. Animators/Spriters being obvious, Portrait makers etc.

Personally I do a bit of everything besides actually writing ASM because that’s like a whole skill set I am not prepared to learn right now lol

I fancy myself a hacker



I consider myself to be a hacker too (Just like Vesly)

In all seriousness, the choice of what you are is up to you. You can be: a hacker, a modder, a hackingmodder or a modding hacker or something entirely else.


Reject labels.


Become monker


Whether you’re using buildfiles, making ASM, or using FEBuilder, you will use tools that another person has/people have made.

I don’t think “hacker” or “modder” should be used to distinguish people that use buildfiles from those that use FEBuilder. Both are tools for modifying a game. (Although I do understand the desire to distinguish between the two considering the different bars of entry.)


if you modify anything you have as much claim to being a modder as a couple strokes of paint would make you an artist

Strictly speaking, doesn’t hacking just refer to gaining illegal to a system/database/etc?

Y’all are really just modders

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Strictly speaking, doesn’t hacking just refer to tearing into something with a bladed weapon, usually an axe or hatchet?

Y’all are really just nerds.




I fully agree with Huichelaar on this matter. Without dropping any names, I’ve noticed
that some people tend to think they’re superior/more important simply because they’re using buildfiles rather than FEBuilder. In my opinion, both buildfilers and FEBuilders are hackers. Giving each different names would lead to a split in the community, similar to how the general Fire Emblem community has experienced splits like Elitist vs Casual.

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