What is the worst Fire Emblem review you have ever seen?

I was looking at metacritic scores for tactics ogre because I was thinking about trying it out and then I decided to look up some fire emblem reviews to see how bad some are (big surprise awakening was the highest rated and fates revelation ranked higher than conquest and birthright and all three outranked echoes) and some of them were just horrid, so let’s all share the fire emblem reviews that make us facepalm and have a good laugh about it (it doesn’t need to strictly be reviews, comments about the series from those who haven’t played more than one fire emblem game counts as well).


Some of the classics are the IGN ones

  • Claimed Conquest had an emotional and gripping plot
  • Complained that they couldn’t ship Celica x Saber
  • The FE15 reviewer said they liked old school games only to later bash on the old school mechanics.

yeah why can’t this reviewer ship a 17 year old with a 34 year old?

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Most reviews from big publishers aren’t good because they don’t play tactics games. It’s not their forts imo.

Also yes you should play Tactics Ogre (especially let us cling together), it’s really good and it just feels like an upgraded FFT so much so that I can’t go back to it.


I think the classic example is IGN’s Radiant Dawn review. IIRC they docked some points because it wasn’t a real wii game since it didn’t use Miis

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They should have put in motion controls so that I can move my units by shaking the remote smh