What is the recommended stats points and growth rate of a playable character?

So… I was thinking about when assigning the stats and growth to a playable unit:

  1. How many “points” should be distributed to their stats and growth? (for example, in FEBuilder, Franz in FE8 have 0 HP, 2 STR, 3 SKL, 2 SPD, 0 DEF, 1 RES, and 2 LUK, to a total of 10 points to his base stats he also have around 295% points to his growth rates)
  2. Does the Lord should have a different number of points compared to the regular cast?

i recommend you give everyone at least 47 stat points because all the enemies might be prepromotes and i picked this number out of a hat so it’s my lucky number


To give you an actual answer, it depends on a lot of factors. In the context of project more in like with gbafe, using growth totals similar to them is your best result (somewhere between 250 and 300). Lord characters will often have lower bases and higher growths to show some sort of progression throughout the game, but this also really depends on what this character is supposed to be. Ephraim vs eirika is a solid example on it’s own, as Ephraim has much better bases than his sister due to his combat training, with growths to match.

The same applies to regular units, where the earlier you obtain the unit, typically the higher their growths should be to compensate for their lower bases and later units have better bases and lower growths (so they sort of meet in the middle). This is entirely subjective though, not some sort of blueprint.

Regardless, you’re better off mimicking what you see in other titles first and making your adjustments based on the results you see if you’re just starting out.


Yeah it’s hard to give good insight into numbers out of context. Any number can work but it depends on the context of the game.

I generally recommend starting with class bases and growths then doing player stats from there and adjust accordingly. Playtest and see what you get.

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I see, so there’s no like “Golden Ration” of Stats and growth, and instead have a lot of factor to contribute to that? Thanks a lot for the answer. I’ll keep it in mind.

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There isn’t any specific school of thought, although different games use different number thresholds to achieve different types of games. Awakening goes rather growth heavy. Thracia does pretty much the opposite etc.

But one thing universally the same across the board is thresholds i.e how many hits should a lighweight, mediumweight & heavyweights be able to take before going down. And in this vein. The easiest thing to do is mimic the game your already hacking. Although in this instance FE8 (im assuming) is a very playerphase heavy game with relatively weak enemies. And that right there is the key.

You want to base your playerunits around the thresholds of the enemies. Or in otherwords. You want to do the enemies first. And thats most of the more basic info i can give. As its a matter of having a particular feel you want to achieve and creating a number system around that. I can’t really tell you specific numbers to use as a baseline for that very reason.