What is the palette in GBAGE for the FE7 script font?

I want to rip the font from GBA FE’s main dialogue, and I elected to use GBAGE on FE7 as my method of doing so. The compressed image number is 849 at offset 40260C. As for why I want the font ripped, it’s in the hope of finding somebody to either convert or recreate the font into a usable computer font. Note that I don’t mean the font used for menus ingame, I mean text. For example, not “Iron sword”, but rather “You think you can stand up to Batta the Beast?” font. If somebody already has it, where is it?

This is the font for chapter titles, not dialogue.

That being said, can someone please post the offset/TSA for the dialogue font? Changing the text for esthetics and to add/change letters for other languages is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and I know that Spanish-language projects have no problem with displaying áéíóúüñ.


Ah. I was mistaken.

The actual font data has a special hax representation in the ROM - it’s 2bpp uncompressed data, that’s intended to be converted to 4bpp (by mapping the 4 palette indices into a specific subset of 4 of the 16 colours in the 4bpp palette) in a bunch of different ways (that’s how it does various special effects, e.g. red text). Each character has its own header data. I forget the exact addresses, but I have enough notes that I can easily find it all again.

But you probably actually want to talk to @Bwdyeti since he has this stuff implemented in his engine already. AFAIK the text used in Immortal Sword is a direct font rip (though I suspect it was done “the hard way”, with screencaps etc.).