What is the most common portrait you splice with

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What is the most common portrait you spilce with? For me, it was always Matthew back in the day, now it’s more like FE7 Hector, or Harken. Curious what you guys think.


I don’t really splice anymore, but I’ll tell you back in the early days, I was one of those artists that just spammed the usage of Raven. (Back in those days where most people spliced Raven or Ephraim (looking at you The Last Promise)). I am curious what would be the most spliced portraits would be. Most of the ones back in the day I noticed were Lilina, Raven, Ephraim and Roy. Not far behind were probably Innes, Hector, Joshua, Pent, Ursula and Karel. Then probably after them I saw a Priscilla, Brunnya and Selena after them the most next from memory.


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Probably Serra, I made a lot of pigtails when I started out and still do sometimes though I try to be more unique, I try to either grab what I need or go for something new each time so I don’t have things look too similar.


Bandits and warriors, very easy to splice with


I don’t have that much splicing experience, but if I’m working on a project, I try to have a unique combination of parts per character in the isolated chamber of said hack/game/whatever. It doesn’t matter if the combo’s been done to death before; what matters is that it’s distinct from the others in said hack. If I’m making stuff for myself, though, I go with whatever looks nice :two_hearts: I don’t know what my answer would be, probably something like Canas or Artur. I might need a bit more experience to get a proper answer :upside_down_face:

I will also note that I often like to use F2E parts in my splices for that extra spice :fire: For example, I’ve made a splice where it’s all F2E parts for my pet project (I made the head from both Laurent_Lacroix #14 Ithinkthat’stherightnumber, the fem cav one for the hair, and WarPath’s Arianna for the face; I forged the armor from two different Ephraims’, Ereshkigal’s for the chest plate and Plant_Academy’s for the shoulder pads). Wacky stuff :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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I splice with many portraits as base depending on what portrait I’m working on, but the most frequent one would be Louise’s general face features: The glossy lips, and elegant midblink-esque eyes. My hack contains similar vibed ladies kek


I’ve heard Marisa splices were so common at some point (the female counterpart to Raven splices, even) that they’re now a meme.


While I try to vary up what portraits I use for splicing, I always seem to gravitate towards Farina. Her hair, face, and armor are just individual parts that I really like and tend to put on my characters


Echidna is my favorite.
Her face is very unisex, so she fits in many of the body/armor assets you want to use.
Her hair looks cool. You can put her hair on a lord or a regular mercenary and it can work really well, because it looks cool.
Her body/armor works well for a mercenary, soldier, bandit, pretty much you’re given a ton of options. Also the spikes on her shoulders look cool.

Hair such as helmets, bandannas, and long hair are also my favorite. They can express some personality out of characters from their hair design.


Farina for me

Definitely the one of the easiest bases for any female char/oc
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Louise and Helena are currently in vogue for women lmaooo

For men… I honestly don’t see spliced men that often, and when I do, it’s usually like, guys who are “ugly” on purpose, so the variety of portraits they use is quite vast.

That said, someone pointed out that O’Neill gets used a lot and… yeah, his parts are really useful.

I don’t splice anymore because I usually just end up redrawing everything anyway, but… yeah.

I second Farina tho, the last splice I did was Moca from BanG Dream and I used Farina. Her face and hair are pretty versatile without being extraordinarily generic. I mean, I did specifically use her for Moca because they have the same shit eating grin, but.