What is the most busted class in your opinion?

I want to say Manakete?

Possibly summoner/necromancer, at least in games with forced permadeath. Having a recyclable sacrificial pawn is a huge boon that i think most other classes will have a hard time matching.


I do agree, you make a great point. Having a endless throw away unit is gives them a huge advantage.

Players it’s probably Manakete then Paladin/Wyverns depending on the game.

Enemy it’s suuuuper easy. Master Ninjas. Easily top 2 strongest classes is Master Ninja, then normal Ninja.

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In most games, druid/summoner or it’s equivalent is usually broken.
Luna/Nosferatu spells are notorious for breaking late-game. Especially in awakening. Besides, Eclipse and other life/halving spells such as Hexing Rod make short work of bosses, sometimes even final bosses such as Fomortiis…

Special mention to Lysithea, who gets acess to what literally amounts to a mounted druid who can also nuke enemies at 5-range and get away with canto.

Wyverns are also insane. They are basically pegasus knights, except they have virtually none of the weaknesses that pegasus knights have. In fact, they’re like generals but with enough speed to double regularly and more than enough movement to not give a damn about enemies. That’s why they’re my favorite class.

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They’re one of my favorite classes too

The answer is easily Assassin, the class is so powerful that the games actively avoid giving it to enemy units

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Bezerker and Swordmaster because of the High crit rate, tendency to double, and the bezerker is able to move on mountains and water

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Mogall. Flier, but with no weakness to arrows or wind magic? Sign me up.


Overall, while Wyvern Lord is hypothetically the best class, the better availability and abundance of Paladins makes them overall the more dominant class in practice. Some games where I feel the best class isn’t one of those 2 are:

FE5: I’d say Sage is the best class because it comes the closest to doing everything. Reliable bosskilling, good damage output on player and enemy phase, and staff utility. All they lack is capture.

Awakening: Nos tank Sorcerer is “ah gottem ggs”

Echoes: Apparently Bow Knight is the best class and Leon is the best unit in the game? Idk Echoes players are always changing their meta I feel like in a few months they’ll say the optimal strat is to solo with Cavalier Gray or something like that.


You make a very valid point. Assassins and I believe summoners are nearly never given to the enemy.

Bow Armors - so powerful that most games don’t have them. :pensive:

my real answer is prob the FE6/FE7 paladin - high movement, triangle strategy, and usually highly available.

I think when looking at classes it’s important not only to consider what is possible on paper, but also how the game treats them - does the player get units in this class with good stats that come at times where they are highly valuable over their next best replacement? I’d argue paladin is prob best overall across all of FE because of how many strong paladin jeigans there are. Falcoknight/Wyvern Lord come close tho imo.




What I like is that it generally comes down to what’s important in the game and based on context.

The strongest class should be FE4 master knight but neither Lachesis nor Leif are the best units in their generation.

Although generally promoted fliers are the best class due to utility but sometimes they just happen to have meme stats ontop of their class (Palla/Caeda wing spear/Camilla)

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Very good point. Because even paladins would stuck if the game they are then revolves more about air or water.

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Yup SoV/Gaiden is a great example of this

Where Clive/Mathilda are great and clair isnt so hot but Palla/Catria are great in Celica route but Conrad struggles. (Or god forbid you make kliff/faye/atlas a cav on celica route)

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if dragonstone wasn’t limited in almost every game then yeah manakete but FE6 swordmaster is insane, being in the wyvern rider class can make almost any low attack unit a beast in three houses and all three weapon type paladins are silly

armor knights


I agree with all of this

usually wyvern

So to everyone how would you all fix the Wyvern, and summoner classes?