What is the best site to use for uploading Fire Emblem fangames when they are finished?

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  • Hacking method: Lex Talionis
  • Base Game: No.
  • Steps to reproduce: Make a game.
Not against TOS.

What is the best site to use for uploading Fire Emblem fangames when they are finished? I don’t want youtube to hit me with a Community Guidelines strike for linking to something it misidentifies as copyrighted material again.

For the record I have the finished game files on my computer, I just want to know the best site for uploading it.

You’re on the site.


As cb1052 said, this site is the prefered place to post your fangames (finished or not btw)
just make sure that you abide by the rules:

There is also a fangame directory “that links to threads for Fire Emblem Hacks”

The others projects can also give you an idea on how to properly present your post and what is expected: Credits(mandatory), Screenshots, links…


I think he’s asking about places to upload files like Mediafire, Google Drive, Mega, etc.


oh I think you’re right, mb


Any major file host will do. Dropbox was what I used.


Are any of these going to jumpscare viewers with a “Please register an account/pay up for better speeds” popup before they let viewers download the game?

I feel like we’ve given you enough options to just check for yourself (you must have downloaded something from at least one of them before). None of the ones listed do as far I know.

Gofile is good. Media fire has slower download speeds and mega has a 5gb download limit per day.

Google drive tends to require permissions to access/generally be a pain to work with on the user end. (Google drive is really good for saving a backup though, never know when your computer is suddenly gonna die)

Dropbox is really great for smaller files which may be edited by the uploader frequently.

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