What is needed to port from FE8 to FE7?

So I’m trying to get into assembly coding myself for a couple ideas I have, and to port some things from FE8 to FE7 that I’ve seen around. However, for the latter question, I don’t know what differences there are between the two games. I know there are, people have mentioned different pointers between the games, but I’m unfamiliar with the game’s coding. What needs to change to port from FE8 to FE7, in general?

Any particular reason you want to port things to FE7? If you’re starting a new project, I highly recommend using 8; there’s far less to port from 7 to 8 than the other way around.

I’m editing a pre-existing FE7 hack with a lot of features - enough features that bringing it to FE8 is unreasonable at best. While I’d love to use FE8, there’s no way I can pull that off.

I see. Well, as far as differences go, a lot of the assembly is the same, just not in the same place. Events are basically coded completely differently. Branching promotions are a thing. There’s certainly more, but I can’t think of anything important off the top of my head.

It would still probably be quicker for you to port all the FE7 stuff to FE8 than it would be to reprogram FE7 so that it has FE8 features, though it would depend on what sort of hacks you’re trying to bring across. Also, is this for the Last Promise? :expressionless:

Address can be automatically converted with FEBuilderGBA pointer calculation tool.
However, there is no guarantee that the automatically converted address is correct, so use it as a guide.

You need porting while viewing the disassembled code and checking the function.

Depending on the porting function, the difficulty level will change.
For example,
the event instruction related to MemorySlot was implemented from FE 8 and does not exist in FE 7.
It is very difficult to port functions that use them.

On the contrary, there is a high possibility that a patch related to a game engine such as like a menu can be transplanted.

Since FE 8 has been analyzed by the most people and has abundant patches and functions, I recommend targeting FE 8.

No, this is something new.

I shouldn’t need to worry about event instruction - I’m trying to port stuff along the lines of the Shove function and the quality of life hacks. So I should be fine.

So the only real problem is changing the addresses? Alright, that works for me. Thank you.

Glory to FE7