What if’s FE7 had their own Roach

So I like Fire Emblem 6 Project Ember maybe not the best rom hack I seen but definitely a very interesting one. But one of it’s new attention that really fascinated me was a brand new character Roach.
For those unaware Roach was a exclusive character to Project Ember and wasn’t in the original Binding Blade. He was Douglas subordinate and that was pretty much yet. One thing that was interesting about Roach was he reuse Raeth and Teck portrait two boss character and you all should know i a big fan of the boss portrait throughout the series. So what if’s Fire Emblem the Blazing Blade the prequel to Binding Blade have their own Roach. Unlike Roach I want to go more in-depth with this character then just make him playable but also given him a class a backstory and recruitment conversations and boss conversations. So with out further to due let me introduce you to Jack
Jack is a skilled mercenary and a former Black Fang. He was taken in the Black Fang at a very young age and he work his way to become a high ranking member. He was giving the codename the Fierce Crocodile. But once corruption enter the Black Fang Jack leave and so became a bounty hunter for hired.

description: A bounty hunter hired by Uther to help Hector.

Update description: A former Black Fang formerly known as the Fierce Crocodile.

Automatically joins the party at Chapter 19/20.

Base stats
Starting Class Cavalier
Affinity Fire
Level 5
28 HP
15 Str
8 Skl
14 Spd
6 Lck
11 Def
7 Res
6 Con
8 Mov

B Swords
B Lance
C Axe

Starting Items
Sliver Sword
Steel Lance
Knight Crest

Promotion Gains
Knights Crest
1 5+ 4+ 2+ 0+ 0+ 3+ 1+ 0+

Growth Rates
60% HP
50% Str
50% Skl
40% Spd
25% Lck
80% Def
45% Res


Jack was born into a noble family in Bern. However his father Count Rist was a very corrupt noble and very abusive toward his son. He would often have his royal guards beat up on Jack when ever he does something wrong annoy him or when ever he feel like it. One day the palace was raided by the Black Fang lead by Brendan Reed. Count Rist face off against Brendan and even disarm him. But Jack grabs a nearby knife and stab his own father killing him instantly. After just seeing a child killing his own father Brendan decide to take Jack with him to the Black Fang. Jack train through his childhood to his adulthood to become a skilled warrior. One day Jack completely his training and Brendan Reed give him the title the Fierce Crocodile. After this Jack met a villager woman named Mona the two of them fell in love and get married. When the news get out that Mona was pregnant Brendan offered Jack to become part of the Four Fangs but Jack turns it down. Jack and Mona child was born and they name her Amber. Things were going wonderfully for Jack until Sonia Reed toke control of the Black Fang. Common crooks and criminals were accepted into the Black Fang among them are two serial killers name Jerme and Pascal Grentzer. The two of them were promoted to the Four Fangs and were killing their own members for their own amusement. One day Jerme was so desperate to kill someone he find both Mona and Amber and proceed to murder both of them. Jack after seeing his entire family killed from his very eyes was in rage and attack Jerme. Pascal eventually enter the fight both he and Jerme tag team against Jack and nearly kill him. But Brendan and Uhai step in and take care of Both Jerme and Pascal. The two of them were Strip of the Four Fangs and both were imprisoned. Jack lost everything on that very day. It’s also doesn’t help that Jerme was eventually release by Sonia and continue his killing. Jack was so upset by this and came to realize that the Black Fang has changed he soon leaves. Now no longer part of the Black Fang Jack need to find a way to make money if he want to have food on the plate and a roof over his head. So he became a bounty hunter for hired and taking up jobs offers.

When words got out that Hector Eliwood and Lyn are engaging Laus marquess of Ostia Uther hired Jack to help them. When Jack arrive at Badon he is to late Hector and company left on Fargus ship to the Dread Isle. So Jack have to stowaway on a Black Fang ship heading to the Dread Isle. When he arrive Jack quickly search for Hector Eliwood and Lyn. He eventually find them at the Dragon’s Gate and offer his assistance to them and they accept his help. Jack would help Hector and company all the way up to the final battle.

Recruitment Conversations


Legault well. If is isn’t the man i was told about. Jack is it?
Jack huh. Who are you?
Legault I just a simple thief. Trying to steal some treasure.
Jack are you with the Black Fang?
Legault yes and no.
Jack that didn’t really answer my question.
Legault yes I am part of the Black Fang. But not anymore after today.
Jack so you’re not my enemy.
Legault nope. Anyway best be leaving now.
Jack hold its right there!
Legault huh what is it’s.
Jack can you help us.
Legault Me? Help you?
Jack I heard marquess Laus is here to. I think you’re service would be required in this army.
Legault i get nothing better to do. Very well I will help.
Jack thank you so much.
Legault Did you know that your enemy isn’t Brendan Reed? It’s a creepy fellow by the name of Nergal…
Jack Nergal? I thought Sonia was in charge?
Legault it’s a long story. I explain that later.
Jack ok. Oh and one more thing. What is your name?
Legault I’m Legault. I’ll help you as long as I feel safe.


Jack wait hold it’s right there. Are you Brendan Reed child Nino?
Nino yes i am. Wait your Jack my father’s best friend. Oh my i so exciting to meet you face to face.
Jack that very nice. Now let get you out of here!
Nino wait! I want to help!
Jack what! No you have to get out of the Palace! Otherwise Ursula will kill you!
Nino but I got to help Jaffar! He need me! Please Jack let me help.
Jack…. Sigh fine you can help. But stay very close to me.
Nino already. I do my best.

Boss Conversation

Vs Darin

Darin huh? What a mercenary like you doing in a place like this?
Jack to kill you Darin.
Darin you kill me. Ha ha ha ha ha! How laughable. You think you can kill a mighty marquess like me.
Jack ha ha ha.
Darin what are you laughing about?
Jack oh Darin. You clearly don’t know a thing about me. You see I once was part of the Black Fang myself.
Darin Black Fang? Aren’t you supposed to be fight for me not against me?
Jack in the Black Fang they used to called me. Jack the fierce crocodile! In other words. I the predator and you marquess Laus are my prey. Prepared to die!

Vs Pascal

Pascal oh Jack. I knew the two of us would meet again eventually. Face to face.
Jack Pascal. Sigh I should have known she would let you out eventually.
Pascal of Course She did. Sonia tasked me to kill those brats.
Jack figure she would.
Pascal let me guess. You’re here to kill me aren’t you?
Jack of course am here to kill you Pascal! And once your dead! Jerme is next on my Bucket list of people to kill! Pascal your bloodbath end today!
Pascal fine then. A duel it’s Shall be then. Once I kill you. I will separate your head from your body. And place it’s on a spike as a trophy of my greatest accomplishment.

Vs Jerme

Jack Jerme!
Jerme ha ha ha ha ha! Jack the fierce crocodile. Oh it’s so good to see my old best friend again for one last time. So why did you came all this to see me?
Jack you know exactly why i am here Jerme! To Avenge my family you toke away from me!
Jerme oh yes I remember now. That was your reason on why you turn down to become part of the Four Fangs. Just to see your precious Mona and Amber. And look where that got to them! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Jack how dare you speak their names monster! I will hold nothing back against you! You will not kill anymore innocent peoples and destroy family’s! Jerme your killing dies today. Along with you!
Jerme I can take you Jack!

Vs Sonia

Sonia oh look who it’s is. It’s the cowardly alligator himself crawling back to the Black Fang.
Sonia you should know that I am very powerful then you can ever imagine. So fighting against me would be suicide. Especially to a weak coward like you.
Sonia what the matter? To scare to talk back against me? Ha ha ha!
Jack sigh no sigh I got nothing to say to you filthy witch. In the name of all of the people who dies because of you. We will stop you here and now!

Vs Brendan Reed (Morph)

Brendan Reed……
Jack Brendan. So this is what Nergal has done to you.
Brendan Reed……
Jack i i i can’t fight you. It’s doesn’t feel right to have to fight you. You were more of a father to me then my actual father! Sigh Jack snap out of it. This is not Brendan. It just an empty shell of his former self. And i must put him out of his misery. May you rest in peace Brendan!
Brendan Reed……

Vs Uhai (Morph)

Jack Uhai. Not you to. You were a very good warrior a real good one. You and Brendan safe my life when both Jerme and Pascal have me pin down. I just sigh. Let me help you one last time old friend.

Vs Jerme (Morph)

Jack sigh i never thought i would have to fight you again monster. I will kill you again. And I will make sure you never come back to life ever! This ends here.

Death Quotes

Jack don’t… worry about me. I …always knew this day were… come eventually. Mona Amber i… see the both of you… soon.

Final Chapter Quotes
Jack this is it’s. I come to far to fall now. Iet win this!


Jack the Fierce Crocodile
After the final battle Jack continued to do some more job offers. But he eventually give up on being a bounty hunter. So he travel all around Lycia to protect people from criminals and bandits. People now referred to Jack as the Protective Lion.

Well that take longer then I was expecting. But it’s was fun for me. So what did you think of it.


Got to say, it feels unique and original as well. Jack is basically Roach, but with an actual backstory and being well-written.


More Boss conversations

Vs Cameron

Cameron ha ha ha ha! Fools! Do you really think you puny fangs can with stand ours.
Jack if that all you haves to offer then the Black Fang really are running out of Luckys lately.
Cameron how dare you! I will not allow anyone to insult me and get away with it. You will die for that!

Vs Oleg

Oleg oi! I just bag myself a cowardly crocodile. Tell me trader! Where are Nergel’s children.
Jack as if i going to tell you where they are. Tell me this. If Nergel send you to found them. How come you’re are hiding behind you force’s.
Oleg you idiot! It’s called a tactical advantage like you know a thing or two about. Sense you won’t tell me i just have to beat the information out of you.
Jack why did i even bother asking that from a absolute fool like you.

Vs Ursula

Ursula oh it’s you.
Jack what are you thinking Ursula! Sending Nino to assassinate the prince.
Ursula that useless girl was supposed to carry out her mission. Yet she abandon it at the last second. No matter i just finish the mission myself.
Jack and what happened after that. The Black Fang getting hunted down by Bern and killed for murdering their prince.
Ursula you don’t understand. Our client is none other then King Desmond himself. Desmond request us to kill his own son for him.
Jack well i hate to disappoint his highness but we going to stop his little gift from the Black Fang by interfering the assassination until reinforcements arrive.
Ursula very well then. I always wanting to be the one to kill you. For Lady Sonia. Jack you will be given a gruesome death. For your betrayal of the Black Fang!

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Jack and Hector support conversations

C support
Hector where is he? That guy got to be around this camp somewhere? There he is! Hey Jack.
Jack hey kid.
Hector what are you doing?
Jack am just relaxing here and staring at the sunset this fine evening.
Hector oh. That seems very nice.
Jack it’s is. So what you want me for?
Hector I just wanted to know something about you?
Jack like what?
Hector like anything really.
Jack well am a very skilled mercenary.
Hector how about something i can’t easily know.
Jack ok then. Well am very skilled with axes. Am not much of an eater. And i was once a noble.
Hector wait. What was that last one?
Jack i was once a noble.
Hector you were!
Jack yeah i was one part of my life.
Hector can i tell you something.
Jack what?
Hector i didn’t think you were one.
Jack how came?
Hector because of your appearance. You don’t look like one to me.
Jack listen here kid. Just because I don’t look like a pretty boy or a Beautiful woman don’t mean i can’t be a noble ok.
Hector ok am sorry. I shouldn’t ask that.
Jack don’t worry. I always keep forgetting i was one.
Hector well are you going to tell me?
Jack about what?
Hector about your nobility?
Jack ha. You really want to know.
Hector yes i want to know.
Jack no i pretty sure you don’t.
Hector come on can you please tell me!
Jack ok. But only cause you say please.
Hector nice.
Jack on one condition. You pay me one thousand cash.
Hector one thousand! Jack you really think i have that kind of money on my hands right now!
Jack ha ha ha ha! I just kidding.
Hector i don’t have to pay?
Jack no. You are instead going to challenge me to a battle tomorrow.
Hector tomorrow? Can we just do it now?
Jack you really want to fight me in the dark of the night right?
Hector good point. Ok then first thing tomorrow were going to fight each other. And if i win you you got to tell me something about your past then.
Jack ok then it’s a deal.
Hector i gotten go get some rest if i going to beat you tomorrow. See you in the morning Jack first thing.
Jack i just hope i don’t accidentally kill the kid tomorrow.

B support
Hector Jack get up.
Jack zzzzzz.
Hector come on Jack. It’s mourning we got to go fight now.
Jack zzzzzz.
Hector fine i just wake you up myself.
Jack ahhhh! Hector! Why did you push me off my bed!?
Hector it’s mourning Jack. You and i got to go fight each other. Remember?
Jack oh yeah i remember now. Oh right let get going. Oh and kid do me one favor before we go.
Hector what is it?
Jack never wake me up like that ever again! Ok!
Hector alright.
Jack good now let go.

Jack ok kid are you ready!
Hector get my axe. Now I’m ready to fight.
Jack ok then. Let do this!
Hector ahhh!
Jack ahhh!
Hector get you now Jack!
Jack miss!
Hector what! Ok get you now! Augh i miss again! Ok now i get you! Wow i miss again! Jack is a fast individual i give him that. I need to find a way to hit him somehow? I know. I let him get close to me then i’ll strike him at the perfect moment.
Jack sorry kid. But it’s look like i win this is fight. Time to finish this.
Hector ahhh!
Jack huh?
Hector Gacha now!
Jack Earghh…
Hector oh my god Jack! I’m so sorry!
Jack augh.
Hector I didn’t mean to hit you that hard.
Jack augh don’t worry about me kid. I felt worst.
Hector are you ok?
Jack am find. It’s just my arm hurts so bad. Just give it some rest and I’ll should be fine.
Hector hey i beat you. Which means you got to tell me about your past.
Jack kid i would really like to tell you that now but i needs some rest now ok.
Hector ok i guess.
Jack alright. See you later kid.
Hector… god stupid Hector! Why did you have to hit him so hard like that! Now i can’t know about his past and where he came from now! Sigh i just let him rest for a few hours then i ask him again.

A support

Hector Jack. Are you in there right now?
Jack yes kid. Am right here.
Hector how your arm doing?
Jack feeling a lot better. Lucius came by earlier and heal it up. Just got to let it rest for a few more hours and it should be good.
Hector okay good. So about your…
Jack alright kid. No delaying it any further. I’m going to tell you about my backstory.
Hector finally.
Jack just take a seat there.
Hector alright.
Jack ok. Before I tell you about how i was born. I need to tell you about my father Count Rist. My father was originally a tax collector. Until he met my mother Lady Patricia. She was a noble from Bern and toke controlled most of Bern Territory’s. Both of them fell in love with each other and my father became a count because of her. My mother soon give birth to me but unfortunately for her she died couple of days after i was born. After her death my father toke over all of her territory’s. Rist was a greedy and power hungry man he toke over more of Bern territory’s and do everything in his power to milk every single money out of its.
Hector okay so your dad was a very terrible count. But he got to be a loving father to you right?
Jack nope! He was very terrible to me. He would never spent any time with me. And when he does he usually send his royal guards to beat me up every chance he has.
Hector that terrible! What kind of father would send his soldiers to beat up his own son! Let alone his only child!
Jack One night our palace was raided by the Black Fang. The one leading this attack was it’s leader at the time Brendan Reed. Brendan and my father duel with each other and i set there watching them fight it out. Father was able to disarm Brendan Reed and about to kill him but i grab a knife from a nearby table and stab my father.
Hector you killed your own father. But why?
Jack i i just Couldn’t hold it in anymore. The amount of pain and misery my father brought upon to me. So Brendan Reed was about to leave but he couldn’t just leave me all alone so he toke me along. While the both of us fleeing the palace i noticed that the royal guards were knock out unconscious no casualties. And when we arrived at the base Brendan let me join the Black Fang.
Hector so that how you became part of the Black Fang. You rejected your noble life.
Jack that right. I didn’t want to became a rich noble. I wanted to help people who can’t defend themselves. And killed corrupt nobles like Rist Lundgren and Darin. Until Nergal and Sonia toke over. But i think you Heard quite enough of it don’t you kid.
Hector yeah i think that enough.
Jack good.
Hector you know Jack. After hearing all of that. The abuse the rejection and your reason to be part of the Black Fang. I can’t help but have respect and appreciation toward you. No wander my brother hired you to help us.
Jack ha ha ha. Well it’s not common around here to run into a bounty hunter with a tragic backstory.
Hector hey Jack you want to train with me.
Jack me train with you?
Hector yes.
Jack okay we can do that tomorrow. Because my arm still needs to rest okay. And we’re not doing first thing alright.
Hector future marquess of Ostia vs the fierce crocodile in a legendary battle!
Jack ha ha. Could have say it better myself kid.


Special event
Jack true identity revealed.

This event take place after Chapter 25 Pale Flower of Darkness where Eliwood Hector and Lyn killed Jerme and are currently running towards the palace to stop the assassination of Prince Zephiel. Until Jack stop them and tells his backstory with the Black Fang to them.

Lyn: quickly guys! Hurry!
Eliwood: don’t worry Lyn! If we take this pathway right here I’m pretty sure we can get there on time.
Hector: let’s hope your are right about that.
Jack: sigh… kids
Lyn: huh?
Hector: what is it’s Jack?
Eliwood: what ever is on your mind please let it out.
Jack: …kids i think it’s time i tell you where i truly came from.
Hector: we know. You are a bounty hunter hired by my brother to help us.
Jack: i wasn’t always a bounty hunter you know.
Hector: oh?
Lyn: then what are you then?
Jack: kid… i was once a Black Fang member myself. Jack the Fierce Crocodile.
Eliwood: you. You were once part of the Black Fang.
Hector: what hold up. What did you mean when you called yourself the Fierce Crocodile?
Jack: that was my codename.
Eliwood: codename?
Jack: yes. They were given to the most devoted member within the Black Fang. Remember Uhai.
Lyn: the Sacaen we encountered back at the dread isle. Why?
Jack: he’s codename was the Soaring Hawk.
Hector: what about that Lloyd guy to?
Jack: he’s is the White Wolf. The Black Fang were originally a group of mercenary set out the kill corrupt nobles and protect the weak.
Eliwood: oh i see. That why some of them like Uhai have a sense of honor.
Hector: but i don’t get it. Why were the Black Fang helping Darin out? He clearly mad with power. And why are they associating themselves with Nergel?
Jack: that because he and Sonia toke control and twisted the Black Fang. That why you encounter criminals like Pascal Grentzer and Jerme within the Fangs.
Eliwood: what up between you and that madman?
Lyn: yeah. It’s seem the two of you have some sort of a history together. Why is that?
Jack: … he is the reason why i left the Black Fang.
Eliwood: … oh… but why?
Jack: ……
Eliwood: ok look i understand why you don’t want to talk about. Let just get going ok.
Jack: … one day. After another mission done. That men the same one that i fought alongside with. Suddenly toke everything away from me that day. I watch him kill my entire family! My beloved wife! My child!!! That monster! He toke the both of them away from me!!! And then proceed to almost murder me afterwards!!! ……
Hector: ……
Lyn: ……
Eliwood: … Jack… i… i don’t know what to say about that. Am so sorry what happen.
Jack: … don’t say it. It’s not necessary for you to say that.
Hector: didn’t Brandon Reed do anything about this?
Jack: he did. He had Jerme lock up in prison for this. But that didn’t stop Sonia from releasing him so he can continue to kill more innocent people. And that why i left the Black Fang.
Eliwood: so the Black Fang was never evil. It’s was both Nergel and Sonia that corrupt it.
Hector: okay now that we know about the true history about the Black Fang. Let hurry to the palace!
Lyn: right.
Jack: kids one more thing.
Eliwood: what is it?
Jack: i just wanted to say……
Hector: wait did i just saw a tear com down your eye Jack.
Jack: yeah yeah. Laugh all you want about this bounty hunter shedding a single tear. No what i was going to say to you three is… thank you. If it’s aren’t for you guys i would never Avenge my belove Mona and Amber. They souls can now finally rest in peace.
Eliwood: we’re glad we help you out Jack.
Jack: now come on. Let go stop that assassination.
Eliwood: alright then.