What If... FE 8 Rebalance Bingo?

Now before we begin, I’d like to make this clear: This is meant to be a joke/gently poking fun at what seems to be an incredibly large amount of hacks dedicated to this topic. (It was either this or FE 6). This is NOT meant to be an insult to anyone. Just a joke.

So, what is it this time?

Well, as the title would imply, it’s a bingo card! One you’ll have to fill in yourself, because as I was writing this, I realize I don’t know enough about FE8 Rebalances to actually make a bingo card of my own!

But for those of you that do… what would YOUR bingo card look like for FE8 rebalances?

Remember to be nice now with it- snark all you like, but nothing actually mean-spirited.

You can make one yourself by clicking here.

(If enough people make one, I’ll make my own based on what I consider to be the best of the ones posted).


yooo, sounds fun. Here’s mine.


We need this but for Valni in fe8 reduxes now


Middle is still a free space. For reference, I love half of these tropes, please keep doing them.


“Light Magic has a niche” (No it doesn’t)

I’m lowkey cackling at that alone lol.


It was a pretty smart move in later games to merge magic into one type so the different schools of magic can shine in their own right.

Light and dark lack the variety on their own to warrant being their own separate magic types. They work better as unique flavor tomes instead of trying to be a weapon triangle.

Knoll has a luck stat

Damn, that’s a good one!

Some of these are ones that I myself have done; guess which ones. I added some more because I just couldn’t help myself. Anyway, I agree with @CelestiaHeart that merging magic into one (or two) types was probably for the best. It would be interesting to see magic more differentiated in a future title, though. I also laughed a bit too much at the Battle Frontier jokes for Valni because I unironically feel like the BF is overrated and adds almost nothing to the main experience.


Yeah but the thing about Battle Frontier is that it’s at least a fully functional postgame thing worth trying once.

Compare that to nowadays anyways.

That sounds fun.

That feel when random skills are given to classes without considering class identity or unit identity and the Lord is turned into a boringly invincible combat god instead of a support unit that can help make anyone worth using.


I winder how one could make all 3 magic classes unique.

Light - Lightwieght, but weaker, effective against monsters.

Dark - Heavy but strong.

Anima - Balanced, with a mini weapon triangle within itself (Fire, Water, Electric, Ice, Wind, etc).

Maybe giving Light the ability to buff allies near the caster?

maybe have dark magic tomes be the ones with weird unique effects (Luna, Nosferatu and Eclipse from vanilla already go in this direction, but you can get weirder)

Giving the classes of magic different uses instead of making them just a copy of the physical weaponry is a good start.

Wind is accurate but weak and flier effective, lightning has increased range but low accuracy, fire is the basic magic type, and light/dark are rare but unique tomes with their own special effects.
Ice doesn’t have as much a defined role but I like the idea of it being long-range as Blizzard.

With Ice you could make it 1-3 range, but the accuracy is lower if used at 1 or 3 range, giving it a preference for 2 range.

Or have it drop speed since snow and cold tend to make things slower.

With Light and Dark you could have them be stronger if cast by specific classes to show their proficiency in it (Monks deal more damage with Light Magic than a Mage, Shaman deal kore damage with Dark Magic than Mages, and Mages can deal more Light and Dark damage than a Shaman and Monk using Light and Dark respectively).

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As much as I’d like to discuss magic reworks, I would like us to stay on topic. Why do we love or hate these rebalancing schticks beyond being cliche or boneheaded? Why do we fervently propone some of them? As for me, one FE8 rebalance I worked on was actually a sort of campaign for some people in my friend circle, where the story and characters are changed to reflect our own universe. Every character was someone we knew, and I made sure the playable ones were people I reasoned would be willing and able to play the game.
Most of them never played Fire Emblem before, so I had to do a bunch of things that facilitated gameplay and reorienting the perspective towards the more obvious things, while still making sure that players didn’t feel like they got shafted. This meant giving each character a bit of an extra push, even if it meant a few extra buffs. For example, Thieves and Rogues have Locktouch, but to compensate, I put some extra stat boosters around some maps so that Colm would be needed to steal them for the team and implemented Daggers as a subtype of Swords. I also made Franz a Soldier instead of a Cavalier with the flimsy excuse that he got attacked and lost his horse while heading for Frelia, but at the same time, I also nerfed Seth by not only reducing some of his stats but also making sure Canto is only given to flying units. Several classes also have movement skills like Reposition and Shove, which I correctly predicted were used more often than Rescue. But no matter what you try to do, always make sure that you have a central purpose and then try to accomplish that.

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The fandom can get unreasonably upset about certain balancing changes. Some gripes are simply because some edits are frequently made (hence the bingo sheet). The obvious oversights like forgetting to tweak shops or changing the map layout make sense. Otherwise it feels petty to complain that everyone changes bow range, or gives armors more move, or buffs the weaker units.

I’d personally like a rebalance that focuses on making the game less sexist in terms of mechanics. I hate that most of the female units in FE8 get the short end of the stick. The classes literally have different stats, caps, and promotion gains depending on what gender you are (the female classes are always worse) and the Bld/Aid system is hot garbage. Most rebalances give an attempt at trying to improve units like Eirika, Lute, Natasha, and Marisa at least.

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This was suppsoed to be something lighthearted about people posting bingo cards containing things that they thought were in like a lot of didferent FE8 rebalances.

I was not expecting this to be a full on discussion of rebalance tropes.