What happened to the ObsidianDaddy/Lenh fe6 blink/talk frame portraits on the repository?

Pretty much exactly what I said in the title. I was looking around the repository for a Martel recolor/blink/talk frames edit, saw the folder, and checked it. As it turns out, they don’t seem to load properly, for whatever reason. Pretty sad too, since there doesn’t seem to be any other Martel recolors that add blink/talk frames, at least that I could find.

think it’s being updated because lenh’s credits were gone for some reason

The files got renamed to properly credit Lenh on them in addition to ObsidianDaddy, but the readmes (which define the preview displays) haven’t been updated to reflect it. It’ll probably be updated soon – for now, the files are still there and can still be downloaded, the previews just don’t load.

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Thank you!