What happened to if nobody post in a week the thread closes?

Maybe I’m blind and just can’t see it but I can’t find the thread anymore. Did someone delete it?

It’s ‘unlisted’ but still up

Commandment 420:69 : thou shalt not have a “good time” on feu

(all jokes)

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What does being unlisted do?

Moderation savagely owned :fire::100::sunglasses:

Gotta put the (all jokes) to make sure I don’t get ba- radio silence

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Essentiall, make the post invisible

Can “if nobody posts in a week this thread ends” be renamed to “Nobody posts in this thread if a week ends” please

I’m not allowed to edit the title anymore for some reason

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I think I can I’ll go check

Nvm I can’t

literally 1984

Thanks, Cam

Did you ask this person?

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so basically the thread being unlisted means that there will be no more new people aware of it and you actively have to go to the thread to keep it alive instead of just seeing it on the homepage.

what if someone posts the link here?



Huh well good thing I have it book marked

Hard mode as been enabled.

Love the mods implementing a difficulty curve to that thread between slow mode and now delisting it.


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