"What Happened, Peer?"


Bro I just met you; Can I get a chance to get to know you better?

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who’s gonna riff on all my hacks now? see you in the netherworld champ

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I’ll miss you, my man. We’ll change da world.

Godspeed, Peer. Don’t die out there. I was in tears when I wrote this.


Take care of yourself, buddy. You don’t owe any of us anything and I hope you’re able to find a happier slice of life sooner, rather than later.

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You’re one of the realest people in this community, hope you’re ok bro


Imagine the art repo without Peer’s help: It would be a lot worse.

See you in the future, broski.


Peer, seeing that you’re alive is really reassuring!
I was genuinely worried when you suddenly left all servers and even deleted your discord-account.

You know, I’m not a very talkative person but I want you to know that I’m happy that I’ve met you. I’m also very thankful for what you’ve done for me.

As Der said, don’t die out there and take care, buddy!



I’m about the newest guy here, but even I know of your work in the art repo and blitzes. So while I don’t know you personally at all, I’m really glad you’re okay. Take as much time as you need to get right with yourself, hang in there, and good luck with whatever you do next!


I never realised how many people I’ve influenced in this community. This thread helped me put that into perspective and I’m amazed.

Anyway, after explaining what I have been doing in my absence, I’d like to talk a bit about what I want to do in the future.

Currently, I’m very burned out from Fire Emblem. I finished the Blue Lions route on 3H and I just don’t enjoy playing. Instead I’ve been focusing more on games to hone my skills.

Online ARGs are something I’ve always been passionate about, and recently I’ve decided to make my own (also currently playing Chron and Dracula’s 3).
I also picked up all of the Myst games on steam recently and they’re amazing and everyone should play them

I’m also improving my dexterity; Binding of Isaac and DS3 help a lot, but Smash is definitely the most important one to mention (please usual discord gang add me so we can play). I have a 5.6m elite Doc.

Moving onto IRL stuff:
I dropped out! Maybe I should have opened with this but I imagine most people don’t care about my personal details. I will be attending an online school as well as learning an instrument which is currently undecided but leaning towards piano/keyboard rn
My parents do want me to go to university eventually, and so do I. I think my social problems will be gone by then and hopefully I can manage that.

Also just wanna mention having a cat in my house helps a lot with my depression and her name is Leyla and have a pic

Fuck it face reveal time, admire my glorious neckbeard


Oh my god.

I… I never knew you were a cat.


Buddy you take that back. We are nice people and nice people care about your personal details. Also glad to hear that irl thing seems alright now to you. Dropping out of school is a tough decision surely but great to hear that you are doing good with it.Also dude that’s a lot of neck beard, don’t you shave

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Literally every Turkish person I know has a cat.

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cat, noice


Nice cat.

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That is an amazing cat.

The extra human is also nice, too.

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beard gang roll out


You should check out Tokyo Xanadu eX+. I definitely don’t have any ulterior motives for suggesting this game to you, I swear. Ha ha maybe I’ll finally have someone other than me to test / give feedback and thoughts on my Tokyo Xanadu eX+ hack.


Had to look that one up.
Sorry I don’t play weeb garbage


I see the heart button on this post, so where’s the ‘broken heart’ button?