"What Happened, Peer?"

I owe everyone an explanation.
About a month ago, I left this community; deleting my discord account and logging off from the forum.

This was due to a very bad series of events in my life, and I just wanted to relax for a bit.
But the bad things kept coming anyway. (earthquake, dropping out, etc)

I don’t think I will return to rom hacking, at least for a few years. I’ve been losing interest in it, as well as just losing interest in Fire Emblem itself. However, people who can message me on my discord Achernar1#3424 if you wanna talk, or play smash bros.

As for the existing project(s);
Shrouded Throne is on indefinite hiatus. I still like the world I’ve created, and would like to write a novel or something instead of an SRPG. But who knows, maybe I’ll want to finish it.

Elibean Nights- I’ve read up on what happened. I can’t help but feel I’m guilty of it all. I let Arch down selfishly, and he ended up cancelling it. EN is my favourite FE hack of all time, and what introduced me to hacking as a whole, so seeing it go was very difficult for me. I’m sorry.

As for Community Blitz 4, well, it’s finished. We met the deadline with no extensions, which is the first time that’s happened since Circles’ original attempt at a blitz. Now, I don’t know of it’s still a broken mess or if the crew has fixed it, but I will always be proud of what we managed to achieve.

Before ending this post, I’d like to address some people specifically.

Nat, Kirb, Der, Pikmin, Kao, Aurora, Sme, Daff, Fatih, Ganzap. These people mean a lot to me, and I thank them for being great friends. If I missed anyone, don’t be offended because I’m writing this after just waking up.

Nuramon, FEier, Zeta, Pandan, Lenh, Scraiza. You’ve all helped my projects unconditionally, and I’m thankful. This community needs more people like you.

Circles, Zane, Stan, Blaze, Eliwan and probably way more people: I’ve learned a lot from you. You’ve tolerated my bullshit and helped me succeed in whatever I was doing. I’m grateful.

Nobody: I can’t thank you enough. When we first met through GFE1R, I saw your potential and took you in. That was perhaps the best decisions I’ve made in my two years of being in FEU, as we became close friends, and have both improved each other’s skills. In the beginning, you were my “acolyte”, but you have surpassed me long ago and I hope you end up doing great things in spriting.

Arch: As mentioned in the EN segment, I’m genuinely sorry for what happened. However, I have some good things to say as well. 5 or so years ago, I discovered Arch’s Bootcamp on youtube. I was so amazed and decided to start my own project. Even if these days are over now, I will remember you.

Double Shoutout to Lenh:
In the early days of browsing Serenes, it was always your art that stuck out to me. You inspired me to take up spriting, and I’ve improved a lot since then. I was delighted when you got on board with Shrouded Throne. It was like meeting a childhood hero. In any case, I wish the best of luck to you.

It’s been a good run. I learned a lot, tried a lot of things (with warying degrees of success), and this is the conclusion. I hope the people who’ve worried about me are satisfied with this post, I’ve tried to make it as inclusive as possible. Farewell.


I thought your parents were all like givemeyourphonecomputer.jpeg which is why you poof’d.


I wish it was that simple ngl


Don’t die peerbro


Peeeeer. So glad to hear from you, it is reall good to hear that you are still alright .Whatever is going on irl for you I hope you manage it well. It has been a rather odd month for me since you leave, I had litlle motivation on spriting as I had planned to dedicate my time to work on ST. It has been a really fun time working on ST with you, I really like the whole project and was looking forward to FEE3. But honestly speaking, I have been more worry about you rather than the project, in the end your own life is to priority after all, again, I just hope that things work out for you irl.

I appriciate what you think of me peer, I think you are the one I know the most ever since I joined FEU, it has been a good time hanging out with you. And no worry about the project, it is not gone after all, you can still work on it in whatever form you see fit, Im fine with it not being a rom hack anymore. What most important to me is that now I know what happened and you are still alright. And well thats all I suppose. Im not that good with words so I hope I got my points across. We will miss you buddy.


Glad to see that you’re alive, and well! :blush:

Not gonna lie, that earthquake was stuck in my mind for quite a bit, given where it ended up. And sure, we didn’t think you’d end up dead, but… Yeah, you may get the idea. Either way! I’m absolutely horrible at keeping in touch with someone via DMs, unfortunately. Should you ever have an own server though, I’d be happy to join! Even though I don’t play Smash as frequently as I should.


This post is a fantastic relief. Please try not to feel guilty about anything. There’s no shame in shifting focus to your well being, and people will understand that. As good as your work in, people, including myself, will be satisfied just knowing you’re for the most part okay. Good luck to whatever you pursue in the future!


I think that everyone is relieved to hear from you.

Good luck out there, mate.


Peer. Thank goodness you’re okay. I dunno… You (and kirb) inspired me to really try to get in this community. We met in GFE1R, when I was too scared to post anything in FEU, and… I don’t know, you helped change that.

You’ve been a good friend, Peer, and I’m glad you’re alright.


Glad to see there’s people that have been inspired by me.

Thanks for everyone’s responses, as well as the friend requests on discord.


Peer, the most important thing is to take care of oneself especially in times of crisis. If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of others.

Letting people know you need to step back, relax and refocus is healthy and commendable. I think everyone is just glad to hear from you.

It’s not like we knew each other well, but from what I saw you seemed well liked, and helpful. Burnout for whatever reasons, especially irl trauma, can affect us all. I hope this time away will be very helpful.

Take care of yourself, rest, recover, learn from this… whatever you end up doing in the future, hopefully this time and experience will enable you to better achieve that.


I guess I’ll use this thread to post my final stats as well.


What’s most important is that you are okay and that you are safe. Thanks for keeping us updated.

Taking a break is fine. We are all here as a hobby.

Good luck with whatever comes next, but don’t feel like you need to be a stranger even if you’re not active. Stay good, dude.


Peerless! It’s been great to see you again. I’m so happy to hear you’re okay, but even happier to know that you’ve personally thanked me for being a great friend.
I’ll write more to another post, I’m just tired atm. We’ll try to continue Communist Blitz to iron out the broken issues, but so far no one’s stepped up to make a discord.

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I’ve never been good at words, but I just wanna say, take your life and make the best of it. What you’re done for this community is plenty enough for now.

Good luck going forward, friend.

Well, fuck. I’m glad you’re alright buddy, and I’m glad I met ya.

I wish you all the best going forward in whatever you do, and you know how to get in touch if ever you need anything. You’re gonna go far, kid.

Chin up, and much love.

It’ll be strange not to have you around anymore, but as long as you are fine and everything is alright, I am reassured. Stay strong mate.

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Yikes. And I thought I had it bad when my computer broke during a move (then I ended up with two faulty replacements in a row).

Thanks for taking the time to make this thread, and hope things have calmed down for you some since.



I was wondering where you were but just never really thought I should’ve asked.
Maybe someday I’ll drop by and visit you since we got the apartment and all. Someday.
Thanks for being you, bro.