What hack do you recommend?



Yes but the question is for recommendations and I don’t recommend anyone to play that : )))))


I’ll second this one, The Road to Ruin is pretty good. Not perfect, but overall it was fun and OP would probably like it more than Requiem or TLP if he’s asking for ‘not balls hard’.


Genealogy of Fort Mongoloids
fit all these criteria: Complete, new chars, easy~normal, fun and short


If you’re searching for creative and challenging gameplay, then try Midnight Sun.
The story is decent too, but it’s unfinished.
And the creator is one sexy bastard.


Wasn’t The Order of the Crimson Arm completed recently?


Order of the Crimson Arm is largely complete - it can be completed from start to finish, but it’s lacking some polish, and support conversations and endings aren’t implemented yet.

Still, I would definitely recommend it over Road to Ruin, especially if the request is for something with a good story.


Duo Geno Escapo is essentially the holy grail of FE hacks. Probably one of, if not, the best hack I’ve ever played in my life. I’d completely recommend it to people who don’t play many hacks to give a standard to show how great they are.


If you wish to go this route, then how about instead of mocking me, perhaps take a try at Fallen Kingdom, a more independently developed hack I am working on it. I am still open to any feedback/criticism on how to improve Fallen Kingdom since Duo Geno Escapo is considered finished and a done deal.
I am by no means insulted by your comment, and as its creator, I understand its quality and what it ultimately is. I am sure my name deters people from my hacks, but as long as I have room to improve and the ability to continue forward, I will not stop until I have completed Fallen Kingdom.


No man. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I liked TLP and I gave my opinion about it.

I said no TLP it was one of the first ones I tried and because people talk so much about it around the forums that I made this thread just with the purpose of getting some non-TLP recommendations with reviews to back it up so I get a headstart on the best known hacks around here.

Sorry 'bout that. Keep on doing what you do, it’s mostly good, and way more than I’ve done myself.


DGE is Matthis’ hack, TLP was headed by Blazer.


Both Rart Emblem hacks are good to play. There’s also Self-Randomizer, though that’s… exactly what it says on the tin.


Resonance technically counts as complete if you pretend it never had a writing or a second route, but for the sake of your sanity I wouldn’t recommend it.

Some good ones include both Rart Emblems, Road to Ruin, Elibean Nights, and TLP. I haven’t played many hacks in hindsight, so there’s probably plenty of other good ones (Staff of Ages comes to mind, though I haven’t played it)

Oh, also FEE3 had a ton of cool projects shown off. Check it out.