What hack do you recommend?

Tomorrow something big will be happening and chances are I’ll be stuck in university for a good chunk of the day without anything to do.

Please recommend me a COMPLETE hack, no Re-Skin, that isn’t balls hard but something to keep me invested for at least a couple hours. Prioritize those with good story, but I´ll take it for as long as it’s fun.

My favorite Fire Emblem gameplay wise is Fates: Conquest. I think that gives a clear idea.

No TLP. I’m choked with that one.

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Road to Ruin is pretty good though I haven’t finished it myself.


It would behoove you to look around in the projects section; the questions section is not really for topics like this. I’ve moved it.

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The main ones I can think of, besides The Sacred War (blessed Seal), are FE Requiem and Midnight Sun. Requiem is finished, MS is discontinued. Maybe Order of the Crimson Arm, but I don’t know enough about it to know if it’s good.
Also why no TLP :sob:

EDIT: If you ever look at Requiem, I had edited the patch a bit myself. I added a couple QoL hacks (Stats w/o battle animations, show heal, etc. - thanks Teq) and RNGRandomizer (TR143? I don’t fully remember), as well as unlocking every difficulty and Sound Room from the start. Here is the edited version.


Thanks man, I’ll check it out.


It´s like Final Destination, but less blood and more cringe fun.

The actual reason? It´s Ironballs Hard. I want to keep my hair where it is.

The actual reason? It´s Ironballs Hard. I want to keep my hair where it is.

It’s not too hard - it was actually the first FE game I personally played, after only having watched for several years. I completed the whole thing while being an absolute scrub. It’s only hard if you’re using the patch that specifically makes Hard Mode - and that’s not even complete.
And if you can get past the writing and some monotonous maps, the game is quite good. At least imo.
(I actually first joined the hacking community in order to improve upon TLP.)

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Have you finished a hack of your own or just this Requiem. Also, are you taking part on TLP2? That thread was an explosion! So much hype and salt combined enough to fill concert of Queen without Freddie Mercury!

It was amazing. This is the funniest community I’ve joined.

No, I’ve never made a hack of my own - mostly just improved on others for personal use. As of current, my goal is very ASM-related, and I don’t know enough to do it.
After that, recreate FE7if in English, because nobody else cares enough. (That’s a Japanese hack that is specifically made for stupid fake difficulty.) Then, maybe recreate TLP.

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I saw the gameplays. FEIF was psyche! On the future once I’ve learned a little bit you can count on my help.

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Aren’t two TLPs enough? How much more suffering must our people endure?


By recreating, I include writing and map changes.

I mean or you could just make something completely new/different.

(If I had good ideas I would)
I’m not good at making new ideas. I’m good at being given a basis and taking it very far. That’s why I edit hacks instead of making my own - because I think that my ideas will improve the experience. Like, give me a plot and intended gameplay? I can probably base a hack around it (once I learn, which I’m in the process of doing). But ask me to make something myself, and I’ll blank.
So I just settle for trying to make things that’ll make other hacks better, or give other hacks more options.

Have you ever considered making a sequel/prequel to one of the main series games?

And what would I do in that sequel/prequel?
That’s why one of my favorite things is script writing. I’m given a goal, and then get the tools to achieve that goal. (Unfortunately script writing isn’t exactly a wanted position.) I can also branch ideas off of what’s given to me, but it all comes down to having a goal. Telling me “make a sequel/prequel” will be useless. Tell me a character’s intended personality, or the message a conversation should convey, and I can work wonders. (At least I think so.)

Making new / original stuff isn’t as hard as you think. Just be imaginative. Even if you think an idea is stupid, get it down.

Instead, I’ll just tell you to push yourself out of this perceived “comfort zone” that you’ve established; rather than approaching it as “I can’t do this,” maybe try asking yourself “how can I get better at this?” You’d be surprised. And the first step to improvement is actually, ya know, trying something.

I think we all need a break; will re-open tomorrow.

I don’t think this thread is the time or place to talk about any of this. We don’t usually have on-topic rules on this forum, but this has taken a very hard left turn from the original question, and I don’t think it’s done so in a healthy way.

When this topic reopens, I’d like people to come up with better answers to the original question.

On that note, I’m going to abuse my admin privilege and contribute some discussion myself:

Unfortunately, I don’t think there are a whole lot of completed hacks other than TLP. Completing an entire hack is a lot of hard work, and there have historically been very few creators dedicated enough to do so. The only “complete” hack I recommend is “Yuri’s Sidestory” by MK404 but that’s only about 3 chapters. If you’re willing to play less-completed hacks, Elibean Nights (only god knows why this isn’t complete yet, right Arch? :wink: ) and Dream of Five are both good ones.


I can’t believe this topic exists and nobody has mentioned VBA

it’s like i don’t even know you guys any more