What FE remakes would you like to see?


  • another fe1 remake
  • another fe2 remake
  • another fe3 remake
  • an fe4 remake
  • an fe5 remake
  • a remake of both fe4 and 5 with slightly worse graphics and less quality of life
  • an fe6 remake
  • an fe7 remake
  • an elibe game with less quality of life and slightly worse graphics
  • an fe8 remake
  • an fe9 remake
  • an fe10 remake

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I have trouble going back to fe5 but I really want to get into it, a remake could open the possibility of experiencing this game.

My heart says FE4 but my brain is concerned that it would get fucked up in a remake. :pensive:

Awakening remake (the rest of the games should be options)

anything after nds era is too recent to plausibly get a remake within a reasonable time frame imo

That has nothing to do with the question.

if the game is recent then a remake of it won’t be wanted by more than one or two people which means it isn’t worth being on the list to me

Shouldve made a combined Tellius option, since thats rumored to be a thing anyhow

oh man, I forgot about that one, tellius consists of two very long games though so if IS were to do a combined remake it would probably be something like mario 3d all stars in the sense that it would just be a rerelease

that doesn’t count as a remake

They are long but an elibe remake would be just as much work. I think Mario 3d allstars was the exception and not the rule so im not expecting them to do that with much else besides like zelda.

you make a fair argument however the Elibe games are much less text heavy and doesn’t do much with cutscenes, the devs would have a much easier time making things for the elibe games because they can cut more corners

also I may or may not be too lazy to add the option :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lol no worries.

As long as they make a quality game I dont really care what game they remake. I didn’t know or care about gaiden before echoes and I loved it.

I’d personally like to see an enhanced remake of FE6. Roy’s story was good, but having played the previous GBA games I really miss the added mechanics and variety (like having different goals for each chapter, the support viewer, etc).

Also perhaps a remake of both books of Mystery of the Emblem, adding the Rescue command (came in pretty handy for arena abuse, and I missed it too) and other later mechanics.

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I personally struggle to remember that there are no rescue or shove mechanics in fe11 and 12

The unique option is a 3H remake

FEH Remake or riot


I want to see a remake of the anime.

Thracia remake just so we can stop using the Lil manster names

Yeah, although I was half-joking (since Book I is one mess of a base plot for an FE game).

Book III would’ve been a great main game or Warriors 2 base plot. Also Book III feels like it needed more plot time as opposed to what they did with it in FEH (since FEH limits a book to 1-year completion with very little plot progression between new chapters, making any potentially good plot or character not shine enough).

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