What factors make a FE character memorable?

So this question have been floating round my mind for the last couple a days but what do you think is the single most important factor that makes you remember a Fire Emblem character?

  • Their Portraits
  • Their Starting Class
  • Their Supports
  • Appearance & Relevance in the main story
  • How good they are as a unit
  • Join Chapter
  • Gender

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Applies for hacks as well of course

You made the poll allow for multiple answers on your single trait question.

Most of these factors are pretty important. I’d rather rank them rather than just choose one.

  1. Appearance & Relevance in the main story
  2. Join Chapter
  3. How good they are as a unit
  4. Their Portraits
  5. Their Starting Class
  6. Their Supports
  7. Gender

Something like this, though a few of them are pretty much interchangeable with the one beside it.

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dang, you’re right. i can’t change the poll type after 5 minutes tho, uh is there a way for the mods to edit, sorry about this btw not used to single choice polls

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Delete the poll and remake it.

You’ll just lose a few votes.

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