What do you usually affiliate "scientists" with what class?

I already have (more than) enough magic classes, but I want to make a class that goes well with a scientist. Specifically a chemist of sorts. If anything I might just use a magic class but any second opinion on this is greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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Please refrain from any sudden movements. Thorough experiments have proven conclusively that there is no cure for steel poisoning.


I think it depends on the weapon he uses.
If he hits with a book, then he is of the class that attacks physically.
If he is not strong enough, then he should be in the same class as a thief.
If he throws some kind of chemical, he could be a magic class.
If you fight on a machine, I think it is the cavalry class.
Tanks and fighter planes are modern cavalry.
I think if you want to call a robot to fight, it is a sumoner.

Therefore, I think it depends on how he fights.

If he is not fighting in an NPC unit, I think we should assign him a sage (probably because he is a scientist and would be smart) or a citizen class.

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If we’re talking vanilla classes, I would generally associate anima mages and sages with being the most “scientist-like”. Of course, if we’re going beyond vanilla then anything’s possible, you could make a whole new class and weapon type or whatever.

(On a different note, throwing out there that GBA Generals already look like mechsuits, so if you were going for a more engineer/roboticist kind of angle…)

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Assuming he makes vulneraries and elixirs with chemistry, any class capable of healing would do well.


I think it might be interesting to have a unit that produces potions every map, either healing items, strength, defense or other temporary stat boosting potions

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That’s a pretty neat idea, thank you

actually i think i remembered ultraxBlade overthere having the same idea, three legacies their hack was?

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might be cool to have an offensive based item user and support base as like split promos or counterpart classes, like plague doctors which make offensive potions that cause status effects

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i’ll definitely check that out as well

My hack, Three Legacies, has a blacksmith character, Zan, who produces a random weapon at the start of each map he’s deployed in. He starts as a trainee (journeyman like Ross, he joins with a hammer) making iron weapons, with an equal chance of sword, lance, axe, or bow. When he promotes to tier 1, he starts getting steel weapons instead. At tier 2, he gets killer weapons, and when he learns his class Mastery Skill, he starts making silver weapons.

It’s handled by a bit of event spaghetti. Every chapter after he joins, I put in a turn-based trigger on turn 1 calling the same event pointer. The event checks if he’s deployed, and if he is, uses a series of conditionals to determine his class and check for the skill, then generates a random number to determine which weapon to give. The weapon is given to his inventory.

So yeah, you could do something like that to have your character make different potions depending on their class. There’s also a patch that lets you specify events that can be called as a unit-specific action if you want to make it an active command.


Thank you for the explanation! I will definitely put this to use !

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Of the existing animations, the supplier looks like it could easily be retooled as some kind of alchemist/scientist working with potions and chemistry.

Of the vanilla FE classes? Probably Sage or Mage, since the name implies some level of studiousness and education and having a ____ mancer who understands the nature of, say, atomic numbers and fundamental elements and that’s how they make their magic work (basically chemical reactions) would be neat

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