What do you listen to when hacking?


I’ve never heard anything about plagiarism in FE6. Is this true?


Section at 5:54 is pretty much the same


Well that’s disgusting and depressing.


Eurobeat. I started listening for the memes, then stayed for the unironically great music.



Usually I just listen to Spotify. If I’m playtesting the hack, I’ll mute my Spotify to listen to all the terrible music I made put into my own hack.

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I just listen to FE music which helps me try to make something that feels like FE.


Other games stage music that fits on the mood/objetive of the stage. Mostly Dynasty/Samurai Warriors music


Usually Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, or country music


Because when hacking it’s the little things that kill

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Listen to this while hacking and you’ll soon be hacking in the Matrix. That, or you’ll start beating your son.


I generally listen to something from the OSTs of Explorers of Sky or any of the Mega Man games.


I’m changing my answer to podcasts or generally anything that’s in the realm of Post-Hardcore or Coheed and Cambria because somehow that helps with focus.

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Foxtail Grass Studio
TOHO Bossa Nova
fourty different subgenres of jazz


I’m changing my answer to video game OSTs because (unless i’m playtesting) it’s the easiest way to stay in the mindset of what i’m making and they go for variable amounts of time which fit however long I decide to work.

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Looping whatever map theme I’ve recently inserted into the project until I feel one of my braincells detonating, after which I move on to the next song.


I listen to nintendo radio, its a great 24/7 direct that plays nintendo songs (or songs from games that have been on nintendo consoles), from the classics to newer songs all of them appear here: Nintendo Radio


I don’t hack, but i can tell that when i do animations i listen to rap ( Eminem, NF that kind of things) and so when i draw i often listen to fire emblem echoes soundtrack i love that one.


I don’t tend to listen to anything when working on a ROM.


I typically either put on a Nintendo radio stream or have Northernlion Isaac videos going in the background.


I don’t really hack, but when I sprite, I listen to fighting game, Persona, or Fire Emblem music usually.