What Class would you want be

Here we go. So if you had to choose any class in the game, (or even making a custom one for fun) what Class would you want to be? A class can be anything like lord or cavalier or anything really. You could also equip weapons or staves to use or even skills. Even Promotion is optional too.

For me, I would choose a mage class because I enjoy magic and it has been impact to me since I’ve played games that had magic. I would promote to mage Fighter since both swords and Magic are both good to have on.


Tactician - so i can tell others what to do and not die in combat

Healer - again i don’t like swords they hurt, let me heal and stay out of combat

Knight - maybe just give me all the goddamn armour so swords will hurt less

Manakete - dragons are less likely to die maybe unless society is dragonist

Pegasus knight - so I can defect from the army and live peacefully in the mountains

Summoner - meat shield diversions

Lord - plot armour: the world ends if I die so maybe that will help

Non-human class: maybe this would be cool but I like the intellect stat locked to humans

Laguz - these are cool

Pirate - so I can walk on water

Fleet - i am a boat now

Ballista - ooooo i am a ghost that posseses things

I am cool with anything that helps me not die. War is scary ok


My personal class of choice would probably be Druid or a similar Dark magic-wielding class. Warrior would also be cool, though I’d have to lean more towards Bows than Axes.


If hybrid classes is available I choose Tactician/Grandmaster, if not then Mercenary/Heroes.


Berserker, because of a Randomized FE8 run.
Rogue, tbh I can’t lift heavy stuff, so I always imagining myself wielding knifes.
Troubadour, I wanted to try support chars, promotion might be to Mage Knight.


I’d be an early game archer with E rank Bows and a 30% Strength growth. I’ll be so bad that I’ll only have to hold out for, like, 2 chapters before hitting the bench and never having to risk my life.

In all seriousness, Priest would be cool. I’d probably want a unique, Gaiden-style spell list just because I want to defend myself with something like Nosferatu instead of just wait for someone to get hit.


Swordsman -> Legend because Kelik is my hero


I’d like to be a Rogue. Yes, I know that’s, like, the most useless class. Hear me out guys.

According to my research, the average hitrate of even real-life trained officers is between 20% to 48%. During wartime, accuracy is even lower due to most shots being sprayed wildly with automatic weapons.

Rogues have the highest AVO in the game, and with just 20 speed and 10 luck I’d have at least 50 avoid. That’s higher than the 48% which means I could literally run into the middle of the battlefield and nothing could hit me. But there’s more! What if I’m in a forest, within the first 7 hours of battle, or if I have the power of friendship and support?


Mage Knight, more specifically, Friegean Mage Knight.
Cool costume: :white_check_mark:
Cavalry movement: :white_check_mark:
German-sounding army name: :white_check_mark:
Magic is everything: :white_check_mark:
A mage should be equipped with more than just magic: :white_check_mark:
Will never get a refine in FEH: :white_check_mark:


If I were to be a main character/lord, I’d go for the Eliwood lord class, because of its great looks and really good promotion. If I were to be a regular unit, I would go for Mercenary, Myrmidon, cavalier or wyvern rider, because I really love those classes and they are really useful.

If there would be a strength/magic split, I’d go with tactician. Robin is my favourite unit in the series, the tactician class is really good, as well as I get to live my dream as the strategist of the army.

My preferences are fun and all, but with my luck I’ll probably end up as one of units that are good for 2 chapters and need a lot of investment to be good on the longterm. Since we’re playing on classic mode, it might be best to just bench me right away. :laughing:


I’ve consistently made my… self-insert? character a Soldier/Halberdier in projects. A bit of a boring choice, I know, but competent playable Soldiers are weirdly rare in FE hacking, and I’d definitely want actual armor (including a helmet. Do you realize just how useful those things are?) and weapon triangle advantage over everyone who thinks swords are actual battlefield main weapons.


I have a rapier at home. I could wield it and be a Myrmidon, that’d make me happy. Then again, I’d also like a bow.

A Myrmidon with a bow-option.


Bow Armor :sunglasses:


Someday I’ll be a lance lord, but until then… Healer. :sunglasses:


myrmidon/swordmaster from gba (6)

I wanna do tha flippy shit!


Elder Bael, naturally. Too bad I’m Entombed already.


An speed based paladin with all the 3 weapon types.


Good choice. I can see that you don’t pick battles unless you know you can win.


I would love to be a heavy knight, beacuse i like to protect my people, and being the line between live and death is ultra important, idk i just think thats an amazing role, and i would like to be that kind of person.

Also, i would go with lances and/or axes, to make from every blow a strong one.


I would want to be a Vagrant so I can motivate others to make my hack for me