What causes the Underflow Hugh glitch from Gringe's older FE6 translation patch?

Writing a video featuring Hugh, mentioning the Underflow Hugh glitch. I’m curious how it happened, and what the new Gringe patch did to fix it.

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Appearently there was special code of unknown origin(likely Feditor tho) that is supposed to allow for more than 31 points in stats by saving certain parts of the statdata seperately. However, it has the bug that if the classbase becomes -1, it just adds 32 to the stat. This happens to hughs attack on two statreductions and to his skill on three(And to everything else aside from HP on four, but that is not a thing in FE6). So it seems like it could happen with everyone, but hugh was the only guy that the stars aligned for due to the gamemechanics.

According to the person who fixed it, the operations of subtracting and adding back the stats that were saved seperately were just masked so that the game skips over them.

Because I am not exactly good with code, I cannot give more detail to the way it works. Like why it adds 32 instead of the 31 one would expect.