What brought you to FEU?


Symphonia and FFTA <3

Both near and dear to my heart.


To begin with, I come from a totally sheltered background in terms of playing video games so like I barely had any exposure to Fire Emblem and I heard of Fire Emblem through the release of Smash 4. LOL, SO I WAS A TOTAL VIRGIN TO ALL OF THIS. I legit live under a rock you know. So I had the idea to look at Fire Emblem vids on youtube and try playing the GBA games (which I did finish thanks to cheesing it with arena abuse :P). There I found Mage Knight 404 and his ancient lets plays. It was a radical time for me and the FE community to get its second wind thanks to Awakening. I do have experience with SRPG since I’ve played the PS1 Final Fantasy Tactics before but I never played anything like Fire Emblem at all!

Although my own first-hand experience may be as typical as any newcomer’s story would be in the Post Awakening Era, I later found out about romhacking projects that were more or less “Playable Fire Emblem Fanfiction”. Thus, I also discovered the wonders of spriting characters into these things called “mugs” or portraits basically. Okay, short to the point. I liked them a lot so I thought it was totally cool and I tried making my own sprites of MY OC DONUT STEEL. Actually, I gave up at first trying to make my first sprite because I didn’t know to use the selection tool at all!

Yeah, I didn’t even know how to use MS Paint I was that clueless about how to make sprites outside of following some splicing tutorial I got off of Reddit. Can you believe it? A person like me, who now makes portraits from scratch never knew how to use the selection tool on MS Paint before when I first attempted to make sprites.

In my attempt to make sprites the second time, I joined the FEU Discord Server for realsies, no more lurking like a loser. Then I had the courage to show my work in the sprites channel and have people guide me to make my first ever splice.


After that, I continued to stay on the long set goal of making my own custom sprites. Turns out I reached that goal after like NEARLY TWO YEARS OF STRUGGLING AND SELF DOUBT. It’s okay, I was a total crybaby but I managed to pull through by being unnaturally persistent and learning how to accept criticism. I’ve grown attached to the people who guided me almost every step of the way and look up to the veterans a lot (even the ones who dislike my emotionally sensitive personality).

By being a part of this community for almost two years was a lot of fun, I found a hobby I like to continue working on and I feel like I have a responsibility to uphold since I’m probably considered a veteran spriter by now. A veteran spriter whose only good at one field of work but hey that counts! I only scratched the surface of spriting since I haven’t learned how to make GOOD battle sprites and
miscellaneous graphics yet


I’m just some guy who stumbled upon FE7 by accident about a year and a half ago, and loved the games ever since.

Then a few months ago I was like “Since nobody I know knows what Fire Emblem is and doesn’t actually care, I might as well join the community.” and made a Serenes Forest and FEU account.

The rest is history, and now I’m just trying to learn to romhack so I can be prepared for when I eventually get a PC.