What brought you to FEU?


I actually don’t remember lmao


To simplify, the memes and glitches brought me here, but I first started into Fire Emblem around 2012, playing FE1, and then my interest grew along with FE7, FE6… Eventually, I attempted to prove myself, remaking the already-atrocious Bootleg Emblem maps in FEGBA style, and then I kept on procrastinating, until I decided to join these forums to comment on the LPs and show my work.

Eventually, I decided to sprite, so I joined Discord. I eventually brought myself some spriting experience, and started doing buildfiles, before the whole concept overwhelmed me, despite it being easy.

I decided to just sprite more, and dedicate to improve, but then I moved onto new horizons, joining some guys in a ROM Hack whose name I don’t want to remember, making my first animations, which are the FEDS Thief, and Jaffar but Dio. Soon, I decided to retry buildfiles, and now I have learned, even if I have to reference other buildfiles or test, test, test!

Nowadays, I hang around the forums, doing what I do best.


This is basically my story too lol. Only true nibbas remember FEW :dab:


The reason why I got to FEU is because I wanna get into rom hacking
Nothing really more, Just wanna know how too rom hack


What brought me to FEU or in FE hacking in general, my friend and I just wanted to create a hypothetical support of Eirika and Lyon, then from that we decided to create a story of FE.


Originally on the Pokemon Crater forums, saw spriters there, I was playing Fire Emblem at the time and felt like spriting in that so I searched around and found Fire Emblem World, then got dragged into FEU, early invisionfree days?

Dabbled in spriting, hacking, nothing stuck so I just became the annoying one.
Though, with Klok in mind, maybe the less-annoying annoying one.

And I’ve sort of hung around since, FESS, FES, FEND, FEP…


Man all of those FEx forum acronyms get really confusing at one point


All these people with nice stories about how they got here and I only showed up because SF wasn’t as good at answering my early hacking days questions.


I made obnoxious posts on FESS and probably made one of those “hey, I’ve got this great and totally unique idea for a ROMhack but no skills, who wants to help me” posts. Then I lurked the rest of the communities for years after FESS died. What a long and prodigious pointless career it’s been. When I learned I was having a baby I thought I’d do a last huzzah and complete a ROMhack finally. Yeah, didn’t complete it.

Huh, I totally forgot about FEW. Community ROMhacks must mark the impending death of our websites.


Looks at the blitz

Oops. I guess FEU’s doomed. Everyone start panicking!


We’re screwed aaaaaaaaaaaaa quickly donate to circles before he dies


No no no. You see, there are “forum hacks,” there are “PME’s,” and there are “Blitzes.” Blitzes are TOTALLY different from the other two.

Totally. Mhm.


Hi, you may remember me from the last time I necroposted, or that time I got rekt in a rap battle vs. Arch. I feel like sharing, so here’s my story:

An older cousin of mine showed me FE7 and 8 not long after FE8 had come out (he found out about it from an even older mutual cousin, heh). Said mutual cousin told me to play FE8 first, he claimed it was easier. I loved it. I don`t remember how many times I replayed it, but it was many a time. Since then FE has been in my top 3 franchises.

Jump-cut to 2018. Chair’s bored and needs to expand his YouTube subscription list. General video gaming and Tabletop RPG channels weren’t enough. I stumbled across Mangs’ channel early in my search and got hooked.

A few days before my birthday, Mangs’ 50k special was uploaded. I saw this. Immediately was like “K. Me to. What Do?”. It was basically Fire Emblem meets DnD. I love both of those, I need to get in on this.

One Lougle search later and I find myself on the fence between SF and FEU, I ain’t got time to manage 2 accounts (I do have one on SF, same name). Thirty seconds of skimming through SF posts and I chose FEU. No Regrets.

Jump-cut to today. I’ve recruited a team for a hack (did not expect that), currently have a 2-part blitz idea in the works, and joined a team that’s writing a serious hack.

The community is great, I love you people. A rare find on the Internets. I feel obligated to give back.

In my opinion, topics like this should be stickied. That way newcomers can get a feel of the community. Set the tone from the start y’know?

Enough rambling from this ol’ bastard.

Chair’s Here To Stay ( Insert Bleach song here )


thread necro’d oof

the real question is why am I alive at all


If I were to tell how I was brought to FEU, I’d start off with watching my brother play some of the FE Games. Oddly enough, this was when Radiant Dawn came out, so when I tried to secretly play the game myself, this basically meant my first game was, well, Radiant Dawn. I enjoyed the game at the time, but haven’t started taking interest in it again until I stumbled upon Mangs. After seeing how great the other games were like, I joined his discord and ran into the FE Hacks channel. This was where I met several people who showed off their let’s plays of hacks, which I didn’t even know of at the time (as I didn’t watch Mangs that much playing things like TLP). It was here that I met a special, someone trying to showcase their hacking skills (while pretty ugly looking back at it, it was pretty cool at the time.) I thought it was nice to join their group to see if I could potentially learn from them.

When I saw the first portrait layout, I thought I could do something similar. While I was quite, “creative” at the time, I managed to craft this thing. Personally, this portrait, whilst still a self-insert, still stays as a very important role in my spriting career.

After a while after this happened, I tried out hacking for myself, and trying to keep it short, found out about FEU. Initially, it was only to get help on portraits via: Criticism. However, as time passed, I grew attached to the people who helped me out, or those who I look up to or interact with. At the same time, my personality grew more stronger and defined as a whole. And as a result…

(Shoutouts to Kirb, Eliwan, Glaceo, Blade, and everybody who have helped me reach this point!)


Back in 2003, when Fire Emblem first came to the west, my mom got it for me, and I played the bejeezus out of it. It was my first taste of strategy RPGs, and created a deep love of the genre. Unfortunately, I eventually lost the game, but I wasn’t satisfied not having it, and spent all my time watching videos of it online, reading everything I could find on it.
Eventually, my digging led me to my first FE forum (which I cant remember the name of), then FEPlanet, FESS, and then Serenes Forest.
I’d been messing around with very basic Sprite editing over the years, and eventually got good enough at it to release a few full edits I’d made for my own personal use on Serenes, along with many other users. Eventually, the lack of content in that area led me to look around for others, which led me here. Then someone mentioned that I hadn’t released my Mamkute edit on here, so I joined, and have been lurking ever since.
Eventually I’m planning on joining the pantheon of people who start and never finish a ROM hack, but first I need a computer that doesnt constantly die on me.


It began with a simple question.
“Why not? It’s not like I’m really good at anything else related to computers.”
Through a series of bumbling through things, I ended up here. Where I’m doing my best to learn until I can someday get a PC.


I got into Fire Emblem back when 7 came out and a friend of mine imported 6 so he could continue the story. What better way to continue the story than to bumble through the Japanese menus and story. I got about half way through the game before I found a FE7 for sale and bought it. I’ve been a big fan since. Found out about emulators and decided to go back and play 1 through 5. It’s about that time that I found out about @MageKnight404 and his rom hack. I played it and thought “This is cool. I can do this.” somewhere about 8-9 years and multiple unfinished hacks later I’ve decided to try again with the new tools available. I googled FE Builder after hearing about it and found the post by @7743. I’ve been using it and lurking around the site ever since. I only made an account about a month ago.


When I was 11 years old we borrowed FE Path of Radiance from my brother’s friend. It rocked my world, the closest things I’d ever played to it would have been Tales of Symphonia and FFTA. It was incredibly difficult for me, and I learned to love the permadeath. It probably took me somewhere around 120 hours (50 in game) to complete por the first time. About 2 years later I got Radiant dawn for Christmas and played the heck out of it, and those two games became two of my favorite games. after playing an Ike-only play through I figured out that low-manning is key. So then awakening came out and I was pretty disappointed in it. a bit later, I wanted to share FE with my younger brother, but I knew RD was most likely a bad place to start (The opening to that game is hella difficult for a first timer) so we got FE 7 for the GBA.
I already knew romhacks existed in general ( had seen a few SMW hacks) and a few months ago I was just googling stuff like “SRPG maker” just looking for a tool to fiddle around with and make some stuff.

So then I found FE_Builder and my old fire for FE 9 and 10 came back (FE 9’s first 12 chapters are absolutely stunning) So now here I am trying to figure out the best ways to go about making my little game.


I was introduced to FE in 2014 from my love of Advance Wars. My first game was Awakening, but got into FE7, Sacred Stones, and Shadow Dragon shortly after, then Binding Blade and New Mystery a bit later. As of now, I’ve played all main FE games, and I only need to beat FE3 and FE10).

In 2015, I played my first ROM Hack, The Last Promise, and I realized that I would want to make my own hack one day. However, since that was 2015, resources like FEBuilder weren’t around yet and my lack of knowledge of stuff like hex editing held me back. I first heard about FEBuilder back when I saw MarkyJoe’s video, when I realized that maybe my dream could be accomplished. In July, I got my own laptop to use, andjI entered the ROM hacking scene.