What 'bad' units do you like using in FE?

Usually units are considered ‘bad’ are those who would be considered inefficient for gameplay purposes or are simply outshone by their peers, but for some I feel there’s a certain charm to using them.

My personal vote is for Jamke. Foot unit in FE4 is already an issue, and player phasing one unit a turn against FE4’s massive armies doesn’t make him much better. However, having adept, charge and pursuit makes him feel like a machine gun and its quite fun to watch him utterly delete a boss with about 4 attacks.




Marcus in FE7 - he steals all the EXP from units like Eliwood, Bartre, and Rebecca who are great at 20/20.

(my real answers are Warren (FE3), Dalsin, and Hicks).


anything from fe11

Well I have a few I like using that could range from mediocre to steaming pile of crap, so here goes.

Lewyn (FE4)- Forseti is kickass. Also he makes a good dad to any magical boy because of the special tome. I just wish he didn't suck so much in Gen 1.

Kane (FE5) - Chapter 9 is a easy skip, but it’s also a great map to train him. He has better stats and ranks than Alba (I think?) but more importantly he has a cooler color scheme. I blame Finn for making him redundant.

Lot (FE6) - He has quite a good start, so I feel compelled to use him throughout. Also Warrior gains are an absolute mind boggler, so having one is cool.

Lilina (FE6) - I used to think she was better than Lugh lmao. But seriously, the first few times I played FE6 I got Lugh killed rather early, so Lilina was my mage most times. It helps that she has a great magic growth and a quick support with Roy.

Bartre (FE6) - Highest base strength in the game makes him somewhat entertaining to use. It does help that he shows up with a Brave Axe and a high base axe rank for a quick Armads user.

Dayan (FE6) - He can ORKO lategame wyvern lords at base in HM (last I checked, might have the numbers wrong). Also with his high bow rank, he can go to Mulagir rank in quick fashion if you need him to do so.

:cactus: (FE9) - I consider Stefan mediocre due to a lack of 1-2 range options and being a footie. However, he does come with fantastic base stats, a very good sword and S rank swords. Also in the international release Swordmasters get their crit boost back.

Danved (FE10) - My first time playing FE10 I saw that this guy had good enough stats to do stuff, and I invested a lot into him. He actually held up the whole time. I blame RD’s horrible availability shenanigans for him being bad.

Draug (FE11/12) - I liked making him a Hunter and forging a strong bow for him in FE11. He became a very fast horseman and was the bane of fliers all around. In FE12, I like to make him go Cav->Draco->Zerk for endgame.

There are some units I am forgetting and/or don’t think count because I only used them once


50% of FE6’s cast of units


All of the cast in Fates

Quite the variety of answers here. I was low expecting just Nino or something, but an entire cast works as well.
Adding most of the Dawn Brigade to the list. Being a whole tier behind Ike’s team isn’t fun.

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Lilina in FE6, Stefan in FE9, Marcia/Kieran in FE10 and Jesse in FE15.

GBArchers in general.

And Garcia.

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Oooooh, this is a fun question.

FE5: Hicks

When I first played Thracia 776 and recruited him, I was originally going to bench him immediately when I first could. His stats are mediocre and his growths even more so, and he doesn’t have any skills to separate himself from the plethora of cavalier boys frolicking around the Thracian Peninsula… But by Odin’s Beard, did he turn out to be an excellent wild card.

His first level up turned out to be a 5 pointer, and it’d be one thing if that was a one and done deal… But it wasn’t. He consistently got superb level ups… including multiple Movement level ups, with a 1% growth in that stat… Suffice it to say, I’ll always have a soft spot for the little nobody that could, even if I know I’ll never get a Hicks that good again.

FE7: Dorcas

I’d be lying if I said this choice wasn’t at all because of the infamous FE7 ad, because it totally is. It’s a dumb choice, but there’s just something so satisfyingly hilarious about chopping down enemies with the “haha mutton man go poison in his mutton” guy. Also I unironically really like his character, so there’s that.

FE9: Mia

Honestly, I love Swordmasters and I like her design. That’s literally about it. Nothing more than that. I’d also consider Stefan, but he’s actually pretty decent so I won’t count him here.

FE12: Dice & Malice

During an Ironman of Maniac mode, I had just lost my Barst and Navarre in the 3 maps prior, and suffice to say, I was in a bit of a pickle in terms of replacements… But then these 2 showed up out of nowhere and filled that niche. They weren’t amazing all things considered, Malice ended up dying pretty soon after, but Dice is true to his name, as rolling said Dice and making him a Berserker and giving him a Killer Axe gives me such a rush of adrenaline! Slice & Dice baby, Slice & Dice.

FE13: Virion

What can I say? I’m a sucker for this archetype of characters. His supports always made me laugh and yet despite that, I found him to be a pretty interesting character all things considered. Not the best mind you, but certainly above guys like Sain and Gatrie. Oh, and he can shoot down Wyverns too, I guess.

FE Conquest: Odin Dark

His power is overflowing, and with his aching blood, he overdoes it yet again, since despite being one of, if not the worst unit in all of Conquest… I can’t help but love his bombastically insane attitude and charisma. And especially in a game with so many absolute powerhouses, you need an… ill equipped, oddball like Odin to change things up. Alas, to give time for others, Odin Dark… falls… Eh, his darkness was darker than the others anyways.

FE Birthright: Subaki & Hinata

Let me just get it out of the way that I don’t give a rat’s ass for their personalities, they’re bland and uninteresting. What is interesting though, is how… weird, their stat distributions are, and that’s what I love so much about them. I’m a sucker for slow and tanky units, and I’m also a sucker for weird oddball units… So to find that both of these 2 are slow and tanky, in classes that are supposed to be anything but that, it’s just a combination I love to bits. Inefficient they may be, I’ll always save a slot for at least 1 of these 2.

FE15: Clive

I’m honestly not even sure if Clive is bad, I personally feel he’s a sleeper hit in the Deliverance’s forces, but most people just say he’s a worse Mathilda so I guess I’ll go with that?
Clive’s character is something I adore, as it has all the qualities I look for in a character. There are so many layers covering him that make him inexplicably human to me. I can’t possibly describe it in words what makes him so great to me, so instead I’ll leave a link to Clive & Pythons DLC support conversation; it’s honestly one of the best supports in the game, maybe even the entire franchise (probably highballing). It does a great job displaying his values, while also not ignoring the privilege he has as a Noble, compared to Python’s status as a commoner. It’s all great stuff.

Overall though, amazing character, and one I’m sad people don’t appreciate much, at least compared to others.
Edit: I can’t even believe that I said I’d link a video, despite not doing so… Damn I’m one hell of a dummy lol.

  • Rebecca, because if you give her the energy ring she deals pretty good damage.
  • Yukimura, because I have no one else to reclass to ballistician e.e
  • I use Nino. Fight me.
  • Lot from FE6
  • Seeing axe users dealing no damage to barth fills me with indescribable hapiness.
  • Illyana particularly in Radiant Dawn. Shame she dies in all of my playthroughs XD.

juno because pretty
using bad units is for good players



Previous run:

Current run:

The dream:


Is this hacked? Doesn’t Meg’s speed normally cap at 15 or am I imagining things?

Anyway, me, I like using Odin in Conquest. His personality is just too damn fun to pass up and he’s my favourite “give all your stat boosters to make him amazing” unit since he can Nosferatank pretty well into the lategame in Hard and that’s just a good time.

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Binding Blade has so many units I like, which are kinda uh, crap. I love Sophia for example. In some playthroughs I had saved up all stat items, just to burst them into her oops. I also got some liking for Wolt, although he gets stat screwed most of the time. Oh and didn’t knew Lilina was bad to most people, so I guess she counts too.

In FE7 I like using Nino, she’s one of my fav characters actually.
Btw, is Rath considered bad? I know his availability is short, but I still like him nontheless.

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Nah, it’s legit.

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FE7 Bartre. I just can’t not use the guy. What did you expect?


I don’t get the Lilina hate. She’s a lategame monster.

Wendy, Guy if you’re a Guy hater, Forde, and all the FE8 trainees.


All the GBA Fighters + Ross, although Garcia isn’t as much a chore to use as the others.

I like trying to take most of the Dawn Brigade to the tower in FE10 for the heck of it.

I love me some Darros in FE11, with his epic 10% speed growth in his base class. Haven’t played FE1 yet, but if I do, it’s a guarantee I’d use him there as well.

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