What are your thoughts about the base system?

I’ve seen a few jp hacks allowing the player to use a base (buy weapons, grind etc…) every few chapters but never seen that implemented in western hacks, my guess is that hardcore player despise anything that makes the game easier but not every user here is a hardcore player so I want to ask why nobody uses the base system.

I have a similar system in my hack (minus the grinding) but currently it’s not present in a public release.

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It definitely depends how it’s used. I like the base system in PoR and RD. Where u can buy weapons and have conversations. I can see where people wouldn’t like the “grind aspect” but I wouldn’t mind it. It just needs to make sense with the story. Fates is how not to do it.


I understand that allowing the player to have lvl 20 units at chapter 3 kills any hack and that hacks with few units don’t need it but those are not that common, most devs use an extended roster and every anti-grinding measure you can imagine (no arenas, or OP enemies if you overstay in a map) forcing the player to choose your top 10 unit while the rest rot in the bench.
I like the base system because it allows me as a player to experiment with units I wouldn’t normally use, makes support grinding somewhat bearable etc…, regarding the exp abuse is there a way to limit it? like limited enemy numbers in the grinding map or strong enemies that don’t give much exp, you know easy enough to keep your units equally leveled but tedious enough to discourage extreme grinding.

Support system being bad and requiring grinding to do stuff should not be solved by giving the player a spot to grind points, it should be solved by fixing the system in the first place.

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Grinding supports is just an afterthought of everything I said before, I’d like to hear your opinion on the other matters like if allowing a player to tediously grind a few levels would kill your fun or not etc…