Well it's time to fall down the rabbit hole

Hello FEU!

Call me Star-Lord (Or Mr. Quill, if you prefer :wink: ).

Quick background: I’ve been a fan of Fire Emblem for a very long time. The series was my go-to series for a long time. When I was growing up I managed to get a bunch of my friends to play Sacred Stones/Tellius games (Finding a FE7 cart was a little too difficult at the time lol) and I thought I was the coolest shit for figuring out how to play fan translations of the older titles. My interest sort of waned when Awakening and Fates came out unfortunately, but I still played them. Also played Black Eagles!Three Houses and enjoyed it. Unfortunately I just sort of lost the spark and felt I wasn’t enjoying the titles like I used to.

As a very responsible person who would never procrastinate responsibilities I decided to play FE4 on a complete whim a few weeks back. It’s like I completely fell back in love with Fire Emblem again. I’m having fun again. I’m working my way through Thracia 776 and I’ll probably play titles I didn’t care for the first time like Awakening/Fates again.

Of course now that I love Fire Emblem again I have to engage with the community/fandom. I played MK404’s FE7 reskin back in the day and used to play around with Nightmare modules and I’m amazed at the progress you’ve all made! Hacking seems so much more accessible now and maybe one day when I have the time/energy I’ll make my own. Until then I’m happy to play as many hacks as I can (Doing a IronMan of Vision Quest and enjoying it).

Thank you if you read all this and looking forward to engaging with you all.


Welcome to FEU Star-Lord😀

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Welcome to FEU! The way the tools have evolved in the past several years has been pretty amazing.

And now FE9 is the one that’s impossible to find! Funny how those things work out.

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Welcome Star-Lord :3.

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Thanks for the welcomes everyone!

And now FE9 is the one that’s impossible to find! Funny how those things work out.

Hah! I never thought about that. That is pretty funny.

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