Weird Issue With Leadership Stars Patch

I’m working with FE8 on FEBuilder and I recently updated to the October skill systems update. When I did this I also added the leadership stars patch. For whatever reason next to the number of leadership stars is a miscolored sword instead of the star it is supposed to be.

Here is a dropbox for the report.7z if it is necesary.

Leadership star seems to use the location of ItemIcon 0xCA.
You have a weapon icon called “Shi’Thead” at this location.
I move “Shi’Thead” item ICON to 0xE2.
I relocated the Leadership star icon to Item Icon 0xCA.

Move “Shi’Thead” item ICON to 0xE2

Relocated the Leadership star icon to Item Icon 0xCA




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Thank you so much for your help!

So I just found that for whatever reason the rom isn’t using str/mag when calculating damage. I am fairly certain this was caused by the Skill Systems patch, but I have no idea how.

I am actually encountering a lot of bugs and I may have to revert to an older patch and retry installing skill systems.

One such issue is also that the new version of Skill Systems conflicts with the Limit Weapon Display patch.