Weapon Triangle Advantage Table

It’s at 08B9426C. Observe:
00 01 F1 FF
00 (Swords) against 01 (Lances) gives F1(-15) hit and FF(-1) might.
00 02 0F 01
00 against 02(Axes) gives 0F (15) hit and 01 (1) might
01 02 F1 FF
01 00 0F 01
02 00 F1 FF

And so on and so on.

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Reaver effect is read at 0802A1C8
And it takes effect at 0802A1D8 (if attacker has reaver) and 0802A1E8(if defender has reaver)

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Just want to say: FE8 treats this the exact same way. The WTA table is just located at $0859BA90.

There actually is an entry for Lances vs. Swords; you can see it in the image you posted, on the first and fourth lines. The game performs the weapon triangle calculations from the attacker’s perspective, giving the inverse of the attacker’s bonuses/penalties to the defender.

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TIL: Game gets lazy, and instead of pulling the proper values for weapon advantage from the table, it just takes the negative of the attacker’s value for the defender. So if I tweak swords to have a disadvantage over axes, Seth takes 3 damage from the guy on player phase but only 1 damage on enemy phase.

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Phase-specific damage boosts/nerfs could be neat for like a ragefest or something, but those would probably be annoying to remember in a regular game.

Nightmare module to edit this for FE7:

it’s from the Unified dropbox