Weapon specific animations

Hello I am new here and I am currently making a personal ROM hack for fe8. The problem is, I really like paired units fighting in FEA and I’ve actually thought of a work around in fe8 (MAYBE)
• My idea is to take one of my characters and put them as a spell animation while having the actual fighter use a melee attack. It will appear as if both of them are fighting see? However, I need to know if it is possible to make an item only work when two specific units are paired up.
• And to specify, the item in their inventory will only work when a specific unit is paired with them. Maybe a game flag can be used? But I’m still new so I’m not sure of the hacks limits.

I’m not sure I’m understanding how you intend to tell if two units are “paired up” in the FE8 engine. Do you mean adding a way to check if a unit they have a support with is currently in range?

Well you know how units can transfer other units? I didn’t know if there was any way to tell if a specific character was being “transferred” or carried or paired by the unit moving on the map.
If there is a way to make it so the characters need to be in close proximity to use this item then that would work too.