Weapon/Item Icon Blitz 2

This Topic was made for Weapon/Item Icons in a period of time so you can use them in hacks. Create and share with us all you can do.

To be specific on this topic:

  1. Weapon/Item Icons
    Generaly these are easy rework, be FE SNES games, new FE games, etc. Be sure to give your own version of course.

  2. What is it. Your name.

This will be confusing, lemme clarify.
When you edit an item it has a name. When you rework the Icon be sure to at least give us the name and what it does. Example:
This is my Icon reowork of the Long Sword/Zanbato. This is Castlevania SOTN claymore made for his usage here.
FE8 - Claymore Zanbato (Mexicancactus2911)
Something like the Music Repository for no authors problems.

  1. Free 2 Use
    If you are going to post your own Item Icons, keep in mind this is free to use. For all the hood, community, creed, etc. “Communism”.

  2. Don’t steal the creation of others and take full credit in your hacks
    As I said before, don’t steal Icons from others, if you want to use them in your hacks be sure to give credit for the Icon to their respective creators.

  3. All levels of creation are welcome

If your imagination is 0 developed, do not worry, this is a way to improve your imagination…
Or you can steal images from other games and turn them into 8 bits. Such as: Castlevania games,
SNES games, other GBA games, You call it.

The limit time for this blitz will be June 6 To July 30, it’s a pretty big time so any newcomer can have time to post their art here if they want. After July 30 I will compile all the work here and upload it in Dropbox with a link for his usage, it will take a while but it will be done.

Is there any benefit to using this thread, instead of the previous icon repository you linked?

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There is no point to this topic. ‘Weapon Icon’ is a term that is a catch-all for any icon which belongs to items in the inventory. We COULD call them Inventory Icons or Item Icons, but we’ve called them Weapon Icons for so long that changing the term would not catch on and be pointless.

Just glancing through the current repo, there are hundreds of not-actual-weapon-icons amongs the weapon icons themselves.

Edit: Note also that ‘skill icons’ are included in the catch-all. They vary from 16x16 to 32x32 in size, but typically are 16x16.

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maybe let’s quickly turn this into a weapon/item icon blitz :thinking:

There’s one out there already but let’s make it the sequel.
By the 5 PM I will change the name, Right now I’m making other things.

oh right I should probably compile that old blitz huh

I’ll do that soon hopefully

It’s done.
The edit of the topic, tomorrow starts this blitz. Just don’t say I did it bad cuz is my first topic to be opened.
Also, if you have problems understanding this, send me a message so I can edit the edits for more info and details on this.

…May 6 to July 30? Didn’t you mean June 6 to July 30? it’s already June 6 as of today.

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Oh sheet, i didn’t see that

there changed, I was tired that day at that hour
Thanks for marking my typo in time