We Need A Better Hector (F)

So let me preface this by saying that I am a colorblind man. Everything artistic I create turns to ashes. By now I’m pretty much drowning in the stuff. We’ll return to that point soon…

Current Hector (F)

So this is the current best model of Hector (F). It’s a bit more feminine than Hector, what with the hair and… I think it’s just the hair?, but it’s not a hugely feminine look. A few years ago I took it upon myself to try and make a more feminine hector based upon a probably terrible custom mug I made. Results below.

[details=My Atrocities]
Armads / Axe

Download: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1ndm2q93a79f7rm/AABJyjBxI4Xd5bdu9oehPqSra?dl=0

Dropbox above. If anyone wants to take wholesale, tweak, or if it inspires someone to make something way better, that’d be amazing. FWIW, I have imported these and they do work in the engine currently. At this point I don’t think I have time or drive to pursue hacking any more so I’ll be sending out more of my unfinished works in my main thread for people to use freely. Those won’t be other art things, though. I’ve learned my lesson there.

This premise of this thread, could be expanded beyond Hector (F) into a thread for works that need improvement in general. One example would be Pupil (F) which is almost there but looks just a little off, either in timings or in need of just a transition frame or two to not have any overlong pauses.

Pupil (F)

Not saying it’s bad (I obviously have no leg to stand on there). It’d just be even better with a bit of touchup. There are plenty of other works that have been abandoned or aren’t being worked on any more that seem like they could be so much smoother with just a bit more love. I’d love to hear other peoples thoughts on such a thread. Anyway… that about wraps it up.

Gib Hectorina


As the creator please feel free to edit the Pupil (or anything else I’ve made).


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Shit. I should’ve chosen a different pupilf to pick on.

forgive me pikmin </3

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