attempt 1

attempt 2

attempt 3

How do I taper it off at the edges?

These are just identical map sprites in a 3x4 rectangle

unit sprites
animated water2

animated water2 test3

I am limited to 50 traps per map, so a sprite that I can place sproadically in clusters in the water would be even better.

Thanks for any advice or assistance

Shouldn’t you just, yknow, do tile animations properly

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I don’t really enjoy map making, so I am remaking pokemon. I don’t want to recreate the maps, so I import them as an image and set the terrain using AHK scripts, rather than trying to format the pokemon tilesets for fe8. Therefore every map has a different tileset, and I don’t know that they could use the same water animations.

Maybe they could though. I have no idea. I don’t know very much about tilesets beyond importing images as maps. :disappointed_relieved:

Just took a look through the latest patch to see how the “tilesets” were created. Pretty much every map with water essentially reserves a palette for the water usually with only 2 to 5 colors, and the rest unused. We could use this nearly empty palette as a common “animations” palette and copy it in to any map as necessary. Could add flowers in there and maybe some custom things like bubbles or anything else that will cooperate with the palette.

Now in terms of adding these common animation tiles to every set, that may be a bit tedious, and require shifting a few of the existing 8x8 tiles in the first row of the animated zone, then replacing them in the tileset, but nothing impossible.

TL;DR: give me till this weekend to test it out.

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Please use this patch instead:


The patch found in my thread is several weeks old, so it may have differences.

Speaking of flowers, I just added them today as traps (unit map sprites). No where should have more than 50 flowers, so I don’t think flowers need to be in the tileset.


If you’re able to help at all with water, that would be amazing! That said, I don’t want you attempting an insurmountable task. If it isn’t feasible to do with tilesets, then I am totally okay with using up say 10 different unit map sprites to use as water. That way I could probably have the occasional patch of moving water along with animated shores, which is fine honestly.

Whatever you think is easiest.

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I think N426 has the right direction, hopefully you guys can get it and if not I can try it out next week.

As far as I know/remember, you can use Type-2 animation (palette cycling), and give your water a unique color gradient when you import your map image. (Might need to put it in a specific region / with a specific amount of colors, but I can’t check it myself atm.)

If that works and for the actual how to draw it, Mark Ferrari is a master of that craft and has a lecture on his process, but likely just drawing a little rainbow of wavy lines would do (it’d give it the effect of moving in one direction).


Oh so that’s what type 2 tileset animations are. That might be easier. I am pretty clueless, though.

Thanks for the input!

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Type 2 animations could be easier, since they don’t need to be in any specific spot of the object and thus won’t require any rearranging. They should play nicely with the route edge rocks (for lack of better words), but beaches and waterfalls might be tricky (I don’t think gen 3 even had waterfalls. Maybe on the Sevi Isles?) I was gonna suggest them for the Seafoam Islands, only to discover they didn’t have any actual icy animations yet in gen 3.

The other downside however, if we’re going for spot on replicating, is that mimicking/managing the “layers” of waves would be really difficult. Here are the frames:


I’m gonna start with type 1, but won’t quite rule out type 2 yet.

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A perfect recreation is unnecessary. I’m just looking for water that isn’t completely static. I don’t mind if it’s final fantasy sprites or whatever is easy to work with, type 1 or type 2 animations. I have kept most of the graphics as faithful as I could to FRLG but I am not that bothered by changing some things up a little bit. Item locations, trainers, wild encounters, and dialogue are often influenced by the original games, but other times they vary significantly. I think it’d be boring to be completely faithful, but I want to evoke some sense of familiarity.

The sevii islands will not exist in pokemblem. If I ever finish the hack and want to add more, I would start adding Johto instead. I don’t think FRLG really has beaches or waterfalls.

Thanks for doing this.