Was a Lurker. Now I'm joining in!

Hello! My name is KTeknis. I was once lurking in this thread for so long looking at the Universal Graphic Repo. After a while, I decided do join in the community.
I have a question regarding hacking and game design, but i wanted to create a seperate post for that.
I hope we can be in good term!


Oh, I forgot to tell to. My favorite Romhack is… Randomized Fire Emblem 8. Any of it.
In fact, I had played 5 different Randomized run, 3 with Universal Randomizer, and 2 with Self-Randomized ROM. It is where I also played around with FEBuilder since i noticed that you can Change the name and portrait with FEBuilder first before randomizing with Universal, something that Yune Can’t do. I also decided to go a little overboard on my third Universal run: After randomizing, i installed Skill patch and manually randomize my unit skill, leading to even wilder run. I also changed some of the animation and repaletted some of the battle animation.

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Welcome to FEUniverse! We all hope you will have a great time here! :smiley:

Randomized runs can definitely be pretty fun

I just posted this on another introduction thread but it applies here as well:

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