WarPath's Asset Dump

Hi all, figured it was about time I made a thread for this.

My own romhack, Fire Emblem: 7 Siblings, will hopefully be releasing in a completed form sometime later this year, as it’s very close to being fully playable. I have stated at numerous points that I plan to make everything in the hack (that is mine to release) F2U/F2E, including all graphics, music, and assembly.

I had initially planned to dump all of these assets at once after the hack has released, but I’ve recently decided to release some of it early to try and keep things more organized on my end. It’ll save me some time and effort to release things that are in a “finalized” state now at a trickle of a pace as opposed to trying to organize a giant dump at the end of the project.

Links below will take you to the post with the asset in question.

[FE8U] Vanilla Slayer 2x Effectiveness
[FE8U] Huichelaar’s Chapter Intro with Hidden Units Excluded
[FE8U] Set Unstealable Items by ID

GBA-Style FE12 Battle Backgrounds
Original 7S-Style Modular Minimug Box
7S Phase Frame and Text
7S Menu Tiles
7S Battle Frame and Status Screen
7S Miscellaneous Menu Graphics
FE12-style Preps and Save BGs
7S Item Icons
7S Map Palettes
7S Portraits Made By WarPath

FFVI Music Pack
FE5 Music Pack


[FE8U] Vanilla Slayer 2x Effectiveness

The skill system already uses a variant of Tequila’s excellent Slayer and Effectiveness Rework with which one can alter the behavior of Slayer modularly as they choose. So I expect most users will simply be able to use that and this small hack won’t be relevant to them.

However, the version in the skill system requires, well, that you use the skill system, and Tequila’s original Slayer rework seems to require his Effectiveness Rework. These options may be overkill/over-engineering for some users who simply want to change the effectiveness of Slayer, as I did.

The below snippet of code changes the vanilla implementation of Slayer to be 2x effectiveness without, to my knowledge, changing anything else about how vanilla effectiveness works:

BYTE 0x00 0x00

These 2 bytes were originally 0x40 0x18 if you want to change back to 3x effectiveness after applying this statically. You could also make this simple change in a hex editor if you so desired.

Note: If it wasn’t clear already, this hack will not work with Skill System/Effectiveness Rework installed already, and in fact may break things.


GBA-Style FE12 Battle Backgrounds

A while back, HeartHero ported many FE12 Battle Backgrounds to be GBA insertable. However, these backgrounds fill the entire screen and look a little funky if one wants to use battle platforms as well.

I have formatted a chunk of these backgrounds to be more suitable for usage with battle platforms. The assets can be found below.



Original 7S-Style Modular Minimug Box

A couple of years ago, I made a custom modular minimug box (shoutout to Zane for making MMBs possible) to suit my own needs.

However, early last year I changed the menu tiles used in 7 Siblings, and thus changed the MMB that the hack uses. So I am now releasing the original 7S custom MMB that uses only vanilla menu tiles.

Here is the download link. To install, just include the “MMB Installer 7Siblings.event” file in your buildfile, or insert it standalone using EA.

Examples of the MMB in action when applied to vanilla FE8:


7S Phase Frame and Text

7 Siblings uses new graphics for player phase, enemy phase, etc. because I grew tired of seeing the same old FE8 phase graphics over and over again. You can find the assets below - the text for each phase, and the frame used for each of them.






Huichelaar’s Chapter Intro with Hidden Units Excluded

If you have not seen Huichelaar’s custom chapter intro for FE8, you should go do so, because it’s pretty great.

I have made a small edit to this hack to exclude showing units in the intro that are “hidden” using the REMU command. This can be convenient for party swaps and things like that.

To change Huichelaar’s hack to behave in this way, under “Procs/MapSprites” within the distributable’s folder, replace “DrawUnitCheck.asm” and “DrawUnitCheck.lyn.event” with this edited version of the asm and this new version of the .lyn.event installer respectively. You probably don’t even need to replace the actual ASM file as Huichelaar’s provided installer doesn’t directly use it as far as I can tell, but it’s good to keep on hand in any case if something goes wrong for you and you need to look at the source.

I used this with the Pokémblem flavor of the intro, but as far as I understand, this should work with the version of the hack that uses the crystals as well as long as you find and replace the appropriate files.

My own chapter intro using this hack (hard to show it working, but I can at least prove the change doesn’t brick anything as far as I know), shoutout once again to Huichelaar (other graphics subject to change and will be released at a later time):


FFVI Music Pack

I have ported some songs from Final Fantasy VI to the FE GBA format. This file contains .s files ready for insertion for the following songs from the FFVI soundtrack:

Relm’s Theme
Setzer’s Theme

I am not a great musician, so I can’t speak to the overall quality of these ports, but they were good enough for my own use.


FE5 Music Pack

I have also ported some songs from FE5 to FE GBA. This file has .s files ready for insertion for the following songs from Thracia 776 (did my best with the names, but these are all translations so you may refer to these as something different):

Advance 2
August Speaks A
Boss Battle
Loptous A
Map B
Near Defeat
Scouting for Enemies
Squadron A
Vs Leidrick
Vs Veld

I once again make no promises as to the quality of these songs, but they were good enough for me.



Glory to Thracia!


7 Siblings Menu Tiles

7 Siblings uses custom menu tiles to spice up the UI from what is seen in vanilla. Some examples can be seen below:

The resources needed to implement these menus in your own hack can be found here. This download is a .zip file that includes all of the graphical assets needed to implement these menus, TSA for many of the tile arrangements, and a couple of installers that will install a good deal of these menus for you (but be warned I created a few menus outside of this in FEBuilder directly, and thus these won’t be installed for you; there are references in the “AdditionalTiles.event” installer on where to find the TSA/graphics for these menus).

If you use these menus or use them as a base, make sure to credit HyperGammaSpaces as well, as he created the Tale of Ternon menus that I used as a base to make these.


[FE8U] Set Unstealable Items by ID

For 7 Siblings, I created a small ASM hack that alters the vanilla steal routine to have certain items that would normally be stealable to be hard-coded to be unstealable. This was useful in my case to have certain held items on enemies that could not be stolen by the player.


The installer and ASM for this hack can be found here. Note that this hack specifically makes item IDs 0xDF, 0xE0, 0xD2, and 0xCC unstealable. If you want to edit which item IDs are hard-coded to be unstealable, you will have to edit the ASM yourself and then re-compile before inserting.

Note that this hack will not work with the Skill System. The skill system does its own rewrite of how steal works, and this no doubt conflicts with it. However, if you wanted to add this check into the Skill System rewrite of steal to hardcode certain items as I’ve done, you could certainly do that and use this code as a reference if you would like.


7S Battle Frame and Status Screen

I made a custom Battle Frame and Status Screen for 7 Siblings that are themed to be used together.


The assets can be found below.

Battle Screen tempfile14_new_exmodularsave.gba_Battle Screen
This battle frame is simple enough that FEBuilder can automatically generate the TSA for it if inserted, so I won’t include the TSA here since it can be easily acquired using FEBuilder.

Patches StatusBackground_0953681C


7S Miscellaneous Menu Graphics

For 7 Siblings, I created new graphics to be used for the save screens, difficulty select, and funds display.





These graphics can be found below. Other than the funds display, I believe these can use the vanilla color palettes even across other difficulties and still look fine.

Patches IMAGE_Menu decoration of money and face image(mini portrait) of unit of preparation_098E7CC0

Patches Level Select_08B89D58

Patches SaveControlMenu_094BD1E8


FE12-style Preps and Save Backgrounds

Using FE12 backgrounds as a base, I created some backgrounds that can be used as BGs for the save screen or prep screen. The top one displayed here has been created to be suitable for scrolling horizontally on the prep screen, while the bottom one was designed to be used as a background for the save screen.

Patches PreparationsBackground_0941ABE0

Patches Save screen background_099306E4


7S Item Icons

I didn’t create many custom item icons for 7 Siblings as I mostly used F2U community assets (thanks guys!) or slightly edited those to suit my needs. But I did make a couple ones that are fully custom, and they can be found below.
Item Icons tempfile14_new_exmodularsave.gba_98@62_013DE888
Item Icons tempfile14_new_exmodularsave.gba_180@B4_013E1188


7S Map Palettes

I’ve created several map palettes for 7 Siblings. An example of each with a link to an image containing the palette can be found below. I don’t think any of these include fog palettes, so if you want to use these with fog, you’ll have to make a fog palette yourself.

Dark Fields:
Link to palette

Dry Fields:
Link to palette

Purple Castle:
Link to palette

Evening Village:
Link to palette

Purple Lava Cave (make sure to change lava palette as well):
Link to palette
Bonus: A repaletted battle BG to be used with the above map palette
Battle Backgrounds tempfile14_new_exmodularsave.gba_55@38_75AA28


7S Portraits Made By WarPath

I am releasing a good chunk of the portraits I made for 7 Siblings to the public, essentially all of the ones that are “mine” enough to be released by me. A couple of these are splices/edits that borrow heavily from another’s work, so be sure to credit the other artist if you’re going to use one of these.

Please note that while these mugs are F2U/F2E, I ask that the characters that appear in 7 Siblings do not appear in other projects without my persmission. I also greatly encourage others to re-palette or otherwise edit these mugs to differentiate them from the characters of 7 Siblings.

I also implore you to use these portraits tastefully and not make me regret releasing them to the public.

Arianna (Additional credit: Laurent_Lacroix)
Portrait Editor tempfile14_new_exmodularsave.gba_2@02 Arianna_015DE5FC

Portrait Editor tempfile14_new_exmodularsave.gba_4@04 Scott_015DE634

Portrait Editor tempfile14_new_exmodularsave.gba_5@05 Sammy_015DE650

Portrait Editor tempfile14_new_exmodularsave.gba_6@06 Weston_015DE66C

Portrait Editor tempfile14_new_exmodularsave.gba_7@07 Kayla_015DE688

Portrait Editor tempfile14_new_exmodularsave.gba_8@08 Sarah_015DE6A4

Portrait Editor tempfile14_new_exmodularsave.gba_9@09 Jeremiah_015DE6C0

Portrait Editor tempfile14_new_exmodularsave.gba_10@0A Katie_015DE6DC

Keegan (Additional credit: Nobody)
Portrait Editor tempfile14_new_exmodularsave.gba_12@0C Keegan_015DE714

Portrait Editor tempfile14_new_exmodularsave.gba_15@0F Shelton_015DE768

Kristia (Additional credit: CaringCarrot)
Portrait Editor tempfile14_new_exmodularsave.gba_16@10 Kristia_015DE784

Portrait Editor tempfile14_new_exmodularsave.gba_17@11 Michelle_015DE7A0

Portrait Editor tempfile14_new_exmodularsave.gba_19@13 Brandon_015DE7D8

Portrait Editor tempfile14_new_exmodularsave.gba_20@14 Nancy_015DE7F4

Luke (Additional credit: DrGreen3339)
Portrait Editor tempfile14_new_exmodularsave.gba_22@16 Luke_015DE82C

Portrait Editor tempfile14_new_exmodularsave.gba_24@18 Nikko_015DE864

Portrait Editor tempfile14_new_exmodularsave.gba_26@1A Andrew_015DE89C

Portrait Editor tempfile14_new_exmodularsave.gba_27@1B Reilly_015DE8B8

Reid (Additional credit: eCut)
Portrait Editor tempfile14_new_exmodularsave.gba_28@1C Reid_015DE8D4

Portrait Editor tempfile14_new_exmodularsave.gba_30@1E Ryan_015DE90C

Portrait Editor tempfile14_new_exmodularsave.gba_33@21 Will_015DE960

Portrait Editor tempfile14_new_exmodularsave.gba_34@22 Serah_015DE97C

Portrait Editor tempfile14_new_exmodularsave.gba_38@26 Ariel_015DE9EC

Portrait Editor tempfile14_new_exmodularsave.gba_66@42 Lydia_015DECFC

Kenneth (Additional credit: Nickt)
Portrait Editor tempfile14_new_exmodularsave.gba_70@46 Kenneth_015DED6C

Portrait Editor tempfile14_new_exmodularsave.gba_81@51 Alyssa_015DEEA0

Portrait Editor tempfile14_new_exmodularsave.gba_86@56 Christine_015DEF2C

Moses (Additional credit: Mewiyev)
Portrait Editor tempfile14_new_exmodularsave.gba_75@4B Moses_015DEDF8

Portrait Editor tempfile14_new_exmodularsave.gba_101@65 _015DF0D0

Portrait Editor tempfile14_new_exmodularsave.gba_102@66 _015DF0EC


As an aside, that pretty much wraps up everything I made for 7S that I can release, as far as I know.

If you see something in the game that’s not here, then either 1. I didn’t make it and it’s not mine to release, or 2. I forgot to release it or didn’t think it was worth formally releasing. Feel free to DM me about anything in the game if you’re curious and I can let you know if it’s 1 (and direct you to the F2U asset if it’s released) or 2 (I’ll release it here for you if you want it).


Not sure if its intentional or not, but none of the links work?

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Thanks for pointing this out. This was a mistake on my part, I had been clearing out some of my cloud storage and had deleted the directory holding these assets by accident.

I’ve restored using a local backup and as far as I can tell, all of the links should be working once again. Let me know if you run into any other issue.

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