Wargroove, yay or nay?

Alright you salty salmon, I need some expert opinions here. Game called wargroove came out. Looks more advanced wars then fire emblem, but I’m always down for some strategy chicanery. It’s got cuddlefish behind it, so it’s got a solid retro pedigree.

Any of you guys recommend it, or should I avoid this one?

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Just watched a gameplay of thats mofo Mangs, i have to say it’s worse than Srpg because of poor battle animations but maybe it’s just me.
After all, it’s your calls.

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I figured it would be low budget-ish. I play stardew on pc because the nexus-mod scene fixes it up, but it’s still 16 bit indie tier.

If it’s still bargain tier strats, I’d like it. I’ll look up mangs LP thanks!

I think the graphics and music are amazing, personally. Gameplay wise, it’s very much Advanced Wars, so don’t go in expecting Fire Emblem. That said, it’s really good AW gameplay.


It’s pretty nice, I have it. It’s more Advanced Wars style than Fire Emblem, but I had a good time playing it nonetheless.

It’s absolutely great, though it’s more advance wars than fire emblem in terms of gameplay. Kinda like Warsong/Langrisser, actually. With 1 powerful “lord” unit that you have to keep alive supplemented by a bunch of generic units.

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