Wanting to mod FE9 - any tools or guides I'm missing?

I’m aware of the FE9 Character Editor and Randomizer, but it only really handles character edits and there were some other things I was hoping to do (weapon stat changes, shop changes, forge changes, adding units to the map, adding skills to units, adjusting class stuff). Are there tools I’m missing or guides that make the hex editing relatively straightforward?


I’m far from experienced in this topic but i’ve looked around a bit before. As far as i could tell hex editing is the only way to go. You can find growths and the like in the database file (you could also use the character editor but that one doesn’t work for the japanese version, which has the more interesting maniac mode version). While things like the character editor and tools like nightmare exist, they are in essence just an interface for hex editing.
Your best bet is just gonna be to look for known values, like character growths, then try to piece together stuff from there.
Chapter data, like what units are placed where with which items in which class should be stored in dispo data or something similiar sounding. Funnily enough most FE games seem to have a very similiar data structure. From FE9 to FE12 atleast. If you’ve seen one you’ve seen a lot of all of them.
Those were just some random thoughts though. Your best call might be to contact someone who’s worked on FE9 related things before. Iirc jespoke made a randomizer.

There is this discord server from Sal. It’s mostly about FE10 hacking, but also has a section with some adresses of FE9 hacking, and likeminded people. May not be a bad area to start asking questions in.

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