Von's Portrait Requests

Hello there. I’m making a game to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the SRPG Studio community on Discord. I need portraits for Severa and Charlotte for a couple of gags in one of the campaigns. Klokinator’s repo doesn’t seem to have portraits available for either, and the one Charlotte portrait I was able to find isn’t F2U.

Please let me know if you’re interested in fulfilling these requests. Payment is negotiable, as long as the portraits created can be added to the repo for other people to download and use.


There is a Charlotte Bride in the Repo.

Though not a traditional Charlotte. Maybe @Nobody might make a ‘normal’ variant? Up to him.

You can find a regular F2U Charlotte here:
Cathreen’s sprite mix - Creative - Fire Emblem Universe (feuniverse.us)

Thanks for directing me to this.

The request for a Severa portrait is still open if anyone else is interested in that.