Voices of the Sacred Stones

Hello, I’m new here. Sorry if my English is weird.
Well, few weeks ago I started to make my own hack. I was amazed with the Skill System, and yes, this is another hack that use it. I like to call this a “fanmake”. Because this is a remake, or something like that. Well, I don’t know if this will be good for you, because this is my first project, I’m a mess sometimes so I don’t even sure about if I would complete this, but you know, I just did 2 chapters (2 more are coming) so I decided post it here.

TL;DR, this is a remake for Sacred Stones using the Skill System.
In this hack, I’m making some balance for most units. Not only that, I’m making custom new maps based on the originals! You will not gain exp from killing enemies, yep, thats weird, but I’m working with another hacker (@Kokue ) to make an ASM for level up by playing maps. I can’t explain very well bcs my english is too bad, sorry :c Also, the weapon triangle is unified.

So here are the first 2 chapters: (Moderator edit: Link contained ROM, redacted)
EDIT: Hope the ups patch works, if there is a problem tell me!

Things that I need to fix or make:
Objectives: Update texts.
-Prologue: Objective is escape on the red area. Just wait there with Eirika
-Chapter 1: Objective is kill Baguette (Breguet). In the final version, if u visit the villages before the soldiers u will get a reward.

Texts: I’m too lazy for this, but someday will happen. Dragon Vein in chapter 1 is for make a bridge to the Village from top right.
ASM for level up: Exists, but there is a problem with the stats, not implemented for that reason
Debuffs: On weapons. I can’t figure out how works and use.
Balance: Yep, I think this shit is playable, but don’t know if it’s fun.
Music: I’m learning about this, probably Insurrection sounds weird but I did my best :c
Animations: Would like have Eirika mounted with a spell animation like FEH
Graphic: Display weapon ranks.

I appreciate if you play this and u make me some suggestions!
Really would like finish this project, but don’t expect so much from me bcs I said early, my life is a mess. But whatever, I’ll try to give my best to bring you news about this project.


Good luck with your project.

Some notes:

  • Your screenshots are not in proper resolution, please fix that for next time.
  • If you are using the game’s autolevel up routine (what it uses when eirika and ephraim meet again) we have had some trouble in the past with that so I would suggest you guys make your own leveling up routine.
  • The easiest way to give a weapon debuffs is to copy how the seal skills work, but check for the weapon being held instead of having the skill.
  • I would suggest making a menu command for “Escape” instead of having the player wait in a spot, also there are escape arrows you can use (in the chapter data I think it was)

Do you have a post about this in spanish somewhere? (I’m assuming you speak spanish since you are working with MatonMX)


Oh, sorry for the screen, I’ll fix that later.
The routine is new, made by Maton, but there is a problem yet.
Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll make the escape command!
I don’t have a spanish post about this yet. This is my first post about the project

LOL, I should take off the Wyvern riders from mountain I guess, or give more levels bcs I don’t want you fight them, they are just for limit a small area. Is that or remove lunge xD I’ll think about this.

Units being placed on unwalkable tiles for them by lunge will be fixed in the future, unless we decide it should be able to (unlikely since it doesn’t in the other games) so don’t worry too much about that if you are using buildfiles.