Voice Acting Competition Voting Round 1


Hey all, here’s the voting thread for the voice acting competition, in poll #1 you can select only one, whichever you think is best; in poll #2 you can check off as many you’d like, whichever ones you liked.

Votes are hidden until the polls close, which is set to 12:00 PM, March 31st (I dunno which timezone this uses); although you can, you’re encouraged to not vote for your own entry.

The winner of poll #1 will get 100 FEU bucks, redeemable at your local FEU Kiosk/Emporium/Cafe or IKEA.

You get 5 FEU bucks for every vote in poll #2.

Voice Acting Competition #1:

“This Divine Lightning Shall Pierce The Skies!”

Poll #1 (Single Vote):

Poll 2 (Multiple Votes):


Bump for visibility.

~2 days left!


We all know Arch is going to win.


And the results are in, looks like @Arch wins, with @Dancer_A in a close second place.

I’d like to thank everyone who participated, Poll 2 shows that they were all well received! You can all go collect your FEU bucks. If you’re wondering what the conversion rate is, please consult the following formula:

1x FEU Buck = 0x Your Currency


I’ll take my payment in death sticks and a liquified Thracia 776 SNES cartridge, if it’s all the same to you.


Even if i didn’t win, this was still fun. Can’t wait for round 2 of this competition


petition to have the entire Devisian Knights monologue for round 2