Voice Acting Competition Round 2


decided to use my real voice today


You never can have too many people quoting TLP.


You noobs cannot ever hope to pierce the skies!


Can I get a topic lock while I do up the voting thread?

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opened #26


Voice Acting Competition #2:

“You, Devisian knights. How much weight… can you handle?”

Round two sees us meme’n on TLP again. Get yourself some sunglasses, a black trenchout and channel your inner edgelord (or don’t, I’m a chair, not a cop).

Like last time, the contest will go for 2 weeks before the voting begins.

(My just for fun attempt)

Voice Acting Round 2: Edgy Boogaloo!


Whenever Kelik talks I always use Shadow the Hedgehog’s voice in my headcanon.


Is there a pronounciation preference or official pronounciation of “Devisian,” or should we just find the best or strangest way to pronounce it?


Feel free to pronounce it however you’d like; I probably should have clarified that. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!


iirc the official one is like “dev ee zee en” and not “dev ish un” (no hard “shun” from sian)


Time to pull out the batman voice


“I am the night.”


Here we go again


i need to interact with the community more what’s the most minimal way i can do that OH I KNOW


Fuck, you have the same strat as me


1 week left!


I recorded my line before listening to any of the others so they wouldn’t influence me. ╮(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)╭


Oh damn… That’s a good tip, would try that the next round


I cut myself recording this line