Video Playthrough: FE8 Self-Randomized - Journey of the Broken Seth

So I decided to do a run of FE8 Self Randomized and record it on video. No commentary, sadly, but I’ll still keep it up-to date as I upload new videos (although progress may be slow due to Three Houses being a thing now)
Part 1: Prologue/Ch. 1

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In this episode, Seth keeps being Seth and we get some more units that can actually be useful.

Neimi switches genders, we solve any money troubles, and we take on Bazba’s Bards.

Something something monsters

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We get our first Skill Scroll!
Also 5x is gonna suck.

Yeah, the 5x video is broken and I’m not replaying that awful map to re-record. In summary, Ephraim was a bonewalker, both cavs were shamans, and orson was a wyvern lord. Needless to say, everyone except Orson was awful.

Three parts today. Wanted to finish the first arc and get up to the route split.
Saving civilians? Not when wyverns are about.

Artur becomes overpowered.

The suck brigade returns.

You guys get to choose which route I take. I’ll keep the New Journey save around, just in case I wanna play the other route or one of the routes becomes impossible for some reason.

  • Eirika’s Route
  • Ephraim’s Route

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Since no one is voting, and the poll is stuck at a tie, I’m just going to choose Ephraim route because I haven’t done that one in a while.

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