Vesly's ASM

This is actually an issue with the SplitPromoItems hack, as it removed a few lines from the default vanilla behaviour, preventing any other way than items from promoting. I had to change Sme’s code slightly to make it work for pokemblem.

You can just install this version instead and it’ll work.

I’m going to sound pretty basic here, but how do I install the updated version? Just replace the text document in FEBuilderGBA?

I think you can replace these files in the patches folder:


Note that updating FEBuilder will overwrite these files.

Maybe it’s best to contact 7743 about the issue then.

Conversation Viewer


This replaces the Support Conversations menu (which shows C/B/A supports) with a custom one that shows as many events/conversations as you’d like per chapter. It automatically loads unit id 0x01 for [LoadActive] and it does a TextCont at the end of the conversation in case you used [LoadOverworldFaces].

Please edit the Installer.event file as desired to have the conversations you’d like. The format of each entry is as such:

POIN 0; // Leave as 0 to use the generic event I made that works for whichever text ID you provide. Or put in the address/label of an event here. 
SHORT 0x9DE; // Text ID of the conversation. 
BYTE 0xFF // BG to use. 0xFF = random. 
BYTE 0; // Chapter ID (for the name of the chapter) 
SHORT 0x354 // Text ID of the title for the conversation (eg. the menu on the right). 
SHORT 0 // BGM to play

Thanks to Retina and Vyland for commissioning this and making it free to use.

Edit: Figured out a way to have fewer than 6 entries.

The box still shows up as the full size, though.

More edit:
Changed the padding into BGM and fixed a couple of sound-related things that I hadn’t noticed.

I’ve now added the option to boot directly to this menu by uncommenting //#define ImmediateConversationViewer
It has a little graphical glitch when exiting the menu this way, but whatever lol.
Since it can run events, it might be useful for debugging things other than conversations.


Replace Weps by Difficulty

Have you ever wanted to have hard-mode exclusive weapons such as Hammers, Horseslayers, and Lancereavers, but didn’t want to bother with separate unit groups for each difficulty?

This patch is purely for your convenience, then.

BYTE Hammer IronAxe SteelAxe Hammer // I built my game around HardMode 

Search all enemies for the Hammer item.

  • On easy, replace with IronAxe.
  • On normal, replace with SteelAxe.
  • On Hard, replace with Hammer.

This is an asmc / event command, so you simply run it at the start of your chapter after loading units. Eg. ASMC ReplaceWeaponsByDifficulty

This also autolevels their WExp so that the enemies can use their newly acquired weapons.

Come to think of it, you could also replace other items like Elixirs with Vulneraries. I think it’ll mostly be used for weapons, though.



The meaning is slightly different.
The “skip the title screen and go directly to the display” part is the correct interpretation.
The problem is what comes after that.
I want to display a specific conversation event without also displaying that menu.
For example, I want to display the conversation 0x1234.
In other words, when I start the ROM, I want to display conversation 0x1234 directly, without even showing the title screen.

If we could implement this, we would be able to preview the text directly, just like the Sappy button.
In other words, add a button to the TextEditor of the FEBuilderGBA, and when you click on it, it will play the conversation ID and the code to display it embedded in the temporary ROM.
It would make debugging even easier.

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I think you should hijack this function to execute an event you inject into ram:

You could hook the code to check if the ram at a certain address is set, and if so, execute your debug event. If not, run the game as normal.

I hijacked it here to immediately go to the conversation menu.