Venno's Weapon Lock Array Modules

These modules are for Venno’s Weapon Lock Array, it’s a easy way to edit.
To make them work properly, open the “Weapon Lock Array Index.nmm” with a text editor and change the “0x???” with the offset of the array +4, e.g., if your array starts at 0xD00000, then you must put 0xD00004.
Now, the first element in the array won’t work, start editing at 0x01.
The module display two pointers, but actually they’re the same, if you are using the first 4 locks, the edit the first pointer. If you are using the Either-Or lock, use the second pointer.
In the first pointer, you must set one of the first 4 locks (0x00 to 0x03), then the list of characters or classes.
In the second pointer, you must set one of the other locks (0x08 to 0x0F), then you set the ranks and the id for char/class.
Also, edit the “Weapon Locks.txt” to match the “Weapon Ability 4.txt”, since they’re the same.

Download Modules

Note that you can use the “Require Multiple Rank” locks to require one rank, the “Require One Rank” doesn’t work properly, but in Venno’s doc says that it works that way.