Venno's small ASM hacks and notes

Currently this hack just removes all ranks that don’t match, unlike the original FE8 routine which was a hardcoded check for Pupil (1) promoting to Shaman. I could of course add a secondary check to keep weapon ranks for certain promoted classes.

Another new hack: DSFE style growths! With this hack installed, upon level up the game will consider a character’s growths as the sum of their personal growths and their class’s growths; or if you prefer, as the average of the two. Both versions are provided in the download.

Note that currently, this does not alter the autoleveling routines, so take that into account when adjusting class and character growths.



FE7 or FE8?

Also, the instructions I gave in the readme were pretty unclear - I’ve changed them to fix that. You want to copy the data at 0x0296B0 to 0x0296B0 in the ROM, for FE7.

And now I’ve updated to support FE8! There’s a new link in the downloads now.

New hack again, for FE7 and FE8 - this lets you define effectiveness as a type bitfield, shared between effective weapons, classes they would be effective against, and items that shield classes from certain effectiveness types, like how the Delphi Shield protects fliers against arrows (but doesn’t protect wyverns from Wyrmslayers).

Link (FE7/8)
Old Version

And one small note: for the array-based weapon lock system, to make all of the default weapon locks null and void, change the values at 0x80161CC to A8E0.

This frees up 0x17A bytes of space, between 161CC and 16346.

The DSFE-style growths hack has been updated to support signed values for character growths. Now, characters can have a -15% HP growth compared to their class’s HP growth, for example. This completely slipped my mind the first time around somehow!

Small new hack here that adjusts staff xp to work like it does in Shadow Dragon. Instead of using the staff’s gold value, like most versions of the FE7 ROM, this system calculates a staff’s bonus xp from a table at 0xCB528. Staff XP is reduced by 1 for every four levels the unit has, then divided by 2 if the unit is promoted.

Download for FE7

I can make an FE8 version too, if anybody wants it.


This next hack uses weapon Ability Byte 0x80 to allow an item with a stat boost pointer to give those boosts even not equipped! Now you can have an actual Starsphere in your hack. Optionally, you can use a version that prevents multiple items from boosting the same stat; it’s included in the downloads. You can still have an equipped weapon + passive item boosting the same stat.

Note that Con and Move boosts are not part of this by default, due to the nature of the stat getters for these stats.
Download (FE8)

Old download for FE7 (deprecated)


Cool! I was thinking of implementing this myself sometime. Though, I use Weapon Ability 2 0x2 for my reaver-and-double WTA effect separation – is there another ability you can use?

You implemented this only by modifying the getters for boosted stats, right? Did you have to write to any auxiliary space, and if so, where?

The main code for looping through a unit’s inventory to check for items giving passive boosts wasn’t convenient to stick inline, so you’ll have to find some free space for it. Everything else is done inline.

And yeah, I can use just about any weapon ability - I’ll make it use weapon ability 3 0x40 then. I also added the Readme to the download, since I somehow had forgotten before.

This is basically a passive boost, isn’t it? :0 I’m interested in an FE8 version!
But I think 0x40 is already used by crazycolorz’s Renewal skill effect in Midnight Sun…

Here is a version of the passive stat boost item hack for FE8 - this one uses Weapon ability Byte 3 0x80 to indicate weapon ranks.

Small new hack for FE7 and FE8 - this allows you to give a Hit bonus to Enemy (And/or NPC) units. By default the bonus is +10 hit to enemies, but this is fairly simple to change. You can also optionally have this bonus only apply on Hard Mode.

The current version hooks into the main Hit calculation routine; I plan to move it to a better location and perhaps integrate it into my weapon rank bonus hack, so you might want to hold off on applying this for now.

Download with Readme

Chances are that this is probably modular battle-breaking. Does this change the routine in the game that calculates hit percentage? Or does it apply it afterward? (If it’s afterward, it’s probably okay)

Edit: Also, something possibly cool is applying this only on hard mode or something! Not that I need it, but just saying that it’d be cool.

Yeah, I’ve inserted it in the routine that calculates hit based on stats/tactician bonus/etc; if you have suggestions for an alternate place to put it, I’d be glad to hear it.

A hard mode check would indeed be cool! I’ll add that in shortly.

Integrate it into the S-rank boost is my suggestion.

Oh right, that’s a good idea!

And I’ve integrated a Hard Mode check into the hack, for those that are interested.

Possibly add it on as a add-on to your FE-DS style weapon bonuses?

There was a silly bug with the FE7 version of the DS-style growths hack that added random numbers to your growth rates. I’ve fixed this, and you can redownload the fixed versions and apply them over the bugged one.