VBA-M vs original VBA... wtf?

I recently switched over to the ‘new’ and ‘updated’ VBA-M branch, since my VBA emulator was from circa 2007 or so. This new one was last updated in 2015, so seems like there’s going to be tons of bugfixes, much smoother video playback, finally a rewind feature (!!!) and all sorts of other stuff.

It sucks.

This shit has broken my rom so many times, and it took me forever to realize it was VBA-M that was the problem. I’m not going into an exhaustive list of issues, but the big one for me is that while the regular VBA was able to play battle animations for all my newly added randomizer weapons just fine, VBA-M either froze just before entering the battle, or it entered the battle, the animation started to play, and the game reset. One of these instances (Female mage animations) was actually my fault and occurred on both emulators, but I digress.

What would cause something like this to happen?

VBA-M is made by hextator confirmed

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did you remember to save then reopen the rom before playing?

I mean, yeah. Derr.